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Zack's Hardware Instructions

Build hardware-themed towers to defend your base from enemy runners. As the levels progress, you'll be able to unlock new gameplay modes (and new maps), and build stronger, more expensive towers. As long as you place towers effectively, and defend against enemy runners accordingly, you'll do fine in Zack's Hardware.

Zack's Hardware Walkthrough

Zack's Hardware is a tool-themed strategy game. Mainly, it delves in tower defense, but with a huge list of extra features - it's a game you simply have to play. With seven levels, and up to five different gameplay modes on each level, the replay value in this strategy game is simply enormous.

Starting out, Zack's Hardware isn't that difficult. You'll only be able to build low-tier towers, but they get powerful quickly - as long as you upgrade them. While the first and second level of Zack's Hardware doesn't really present any challenges to veterans of the tower defense genre, the later levels really ramp up the difficulty.

One of the cooler aspects of Zack's Hardware is the game's take on currency. Instead of just gold or cash, you'll collect parts from defeated enemies. You'll only be able to build certain towers with certain parts, so keeping track of what you have is vital. Although it adds some difficulty to the game, it makes the gameplay experience a lot more fun at the same time. Once you've got the right parts for good towers, the waves will only become easier - so it's worth waiting.

All in all, Zack's Hardware is an excellent strategy game. The graphics are clean and eye-catching, and the gameplay is absolutely solid. If you're a flash gamer looking for a challenge, this game would be it. Some of the harder modes on the last levels of Zack's Hardware are unbelievably difficult - making this game both challenging and fun.