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World Wars 2 Instructions

World Wars 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Click on the army that you wish to attack with and click on an enemy territory to attack.

World Wars 2 Walkthrough

World Wars 2 is a strategy game that is very similar to the classic board game Risk. World Wars 2 is the sequel to the earlier World Wars game, and features superior AI, more customizable gameplay, and a new map based on the European theater of World War 2.

World Wars 2 is played with two to eight armies on the field. You control the blue army, and all other armies in this strategy game are controlled by the computer. The objective is to conquer every territory on the map. If you lose all of your territories, then you lose this war game! After you have selected the number of players in the game (I advise playing against one or two computer-controlled opponents if this is your first time playing) and the map that you wish to play on, you will be ready to get the battle underway.

In order to conquer territories in World Wars 2, you must select the army that you want to attack with by clicking on it, then click on an adjacent enemy territory to attack. One die is rolled for each unit on each side of the battle. The side with the highest roll wins the battle. If the attacking side wins the battle, then their army will occupy that territory, but if the defending side wins, then the attacking army will be reduced to one unit in the territory that they came from. When attacking in this strategy game, I advise using overwhelming strength in numbers to increase your chances of success.

If you are successful in an attack, you will receive reinforcements randomly dispersed throughout your territories at the end of your turn. The number of reinforcements that you are given in this strategy game is equal to the largest number of adjacent territories that you possess. For this reason, if is best to try to connect all of your territories and to divide enemy territories whenever possible.

World Wars 2 adds cards to the game, providing a strategic element that was absent in the first World Wars. Cards are played before the normal combat roll, and can help to turn the tide of a battle. A player is given a card at the beginning of their turn and once per turn for defeating an enemy. A player may have up to six cards in their hand. I advise playing defensive cards where your forces are weak, and offensive cards where your opponents are strong to weaken your enemies.

World Wars 2 is a delightful strategy game, but it can be an arduous one. Sadly, there is no save game feature so I advise playing this war game when you have lots of time to spare. If you enjoy playing Risk, or enjoy strategy games in general (no pun intended) then World Wars 2 is the game for you!