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Warzone Tower Defense Extended Instructions

Select a map and game mode to get started with this tower defense strategy game. Point and click with your mouse to build towers, fight against creepers, and upgrade defenses.

Warzone Tower Defense Extended Walkthrough

With eight maps and nine gameplay modes to choose from, Warzone Tower Defense Extended is an engaging strategy game, to say the least. The premise is simple: defend your base from any and all invading runners. They'll come in plenty of shapes and sizes, including flying enemies, but you'll have a huge arsenal at your disposal.

And depending on which gameplay mode you've selected, you'll either have a whole lot of money to spare, or not much at all. There are gameplay modes where you'll start out with a fixed amount of money - where you won't gain any by killing enemies - and there are modes that effect different areas of gameplay, besides currency. Either way, it's a great twist to regular tower defense, and with nine different modes, you won't get bored any time soon.

You'll start out each mission with your base on one side of the map, and enemy runners invading through the opposite side. Before the first wave hits, you'll have ample time to build a stable defense, but if you wait at all, you'll regret it. A good combination of ground and anti-air forces is ideal - since you'll have to deal with both types of enemies - but keeping everything upgraded can be difficult.

If you're ahead of the curve, you can always call the next wave of enemies in advance - but it's not a great option if you're an impatient gamer. Like most other strategy games, Warzone Tower Defense Extended requires a fair amount of patience. If you like strategy games, aspects of tower defense, and games you can pick up and play - then this is the flash game for you. Once you've defeated the set amount of enemies in a map, it's time to move on to the next - if you're up to the challenge, that is.