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Warlords: Call To Arms Instructions

One of the more popular browser based real time strategy games, Warlords: Call To Arms has a very straightforward objective: get your men to the other side of the map while preventing the enemy units from getting to yours. When one of your men gets to the enemy's side of the map, it will move slightly to the right. When one of the opponent's men gets to your camp, though, it will move slightly to the left. To win a battle, it should go all the way to the right. When the time runs out and you are ahead, the point and the win is awarded to you. Here are some buttons that you need to keep in mind when playing Warlords: Call To Arms: use the A and D buttons for selecting units. Hit the W and S buttons to choose the release position. Hit the space bar to release the unit. And when you are all set, hit the Q button to charge.

Warlords: Call To Arms Walkthrough

Instead of giving you step by step instructions for winning Warlords: Call To Arms, instead of spoon feeding you which is not fun for you or for me, here's something better: a comprehensive description of the strengths and weaknesses of the troops found in Warlords: Call To Arms.

Knowing the strong and weak points of the units in strategy games allow you to create strategies on the fly - strategies that will allow you to take advantage of your strengths while playing on the weaknesses of your enemies. I don't know about you BUT that's better than some step by step instruction. Besides, there is no one true way to win in strategy games. Most of the time, you need to improvise and this game is NOT an exception.

Swordsmen - These guys are tough. HOWEVER, they are for close combat. They are hand to hand fighters. They are hard to kill, though because of their fast attack speed. BUT halberders and horsemen can easily take them down.

Spearman - A medium ranged unit BUT lacks enough armor. These guys are easily owned by swordsmen.

Archer - A long ranged fighter. They are easy to kill once you get close enough, BUT the question is: can you get close enough? They are tough to face if you are using close ranged attackers since they can take them out before your men can inch their way through the archers. Fighting it with another ranged attacker should do.

Scout - A unit that is so fragile and easy to kill that it's good only for attacking empty spots. Any unit can easily dispose scouts.

Mage - A medium ranged unit that is easy to take out on close range battles BUT hard to fight against when they are firing from a distance. Not surprising since they use fire balls. Any unit can kill it though, they just have to be fast enough to close in and strong enough to take some punishment from the mage.

Horsemen - Strong units who are riding on horses. They are good for driving the enemy back. HOWEVER, they are weak when facing archers, spearmen, and swordsmen.