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Warfare 1944 Instructions

A strategy game that only needs a mouse along with your full attention (and wits of course) to play it well. This is Warfare 1944. Start off my using your mouse and choosing a squad type located at the menu on the lower right hand part. Next, click the row where you want to deploy your troops. Automatically, your men will charge into battle. They will attack enemy units that are in their row or those that are located adjacent to them. Just like a REAL commander, you need to give them orders while they are in the middle of the battle field. For giving them specific orders, you need to click on them and select an icon. HOWEVER, as you learn more and more about the game, you may want to assign hotkeys using your keyboard instead. This should make issuing commands a notch or two easier and faster.

Warfare 1944 Walkthrough

Fantastic replay value - this strategy game, Warfare 1944, is oozing with this... and it's one of the niceties that I really love. This owed largely to the flexible upgrade options integrated in the game. True, you may go all 'cheese' and just pile up more soldiers beefed up with guns and guts. This could be enough to bring home victory.

BUT why stick with just one strategy when there are A LOT at your disposal?! If you have finished the game with just regular soldiers and you find it fun, you definitely want to try out the smoke bombs, air strikes, and other weapons of mass destruction. See how MUCH faster and more efficient you can finish the game.

And let's admit it, taking out enemies by the bunch is REALLY fun, especially when there's little they can do against it. Go for the highest and most powerful upgrade levels for your sadistic pleasure!

Each Action Has Its Own Equal Reaction - this law is very much alive in this strategy game, and another strong point in my opinion. While the winning path in most war games out there is pretty crude, this is NOT the case with Warfare 1944. Each unit has their own strength and weaknesses. Each unit has their own potential, and you definitely want to try them out one by one.

So what does this mean?

This means every attacking technique in the game can be met not by one, not two, BUT many counterattacking techniques. This allows you to fight through the game using your wits, instinct, and reflexes... and not some cheesy strategy that you have read somewhere.

Tanks can always change the game's tide. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a tank-centered beating, don't fret. There are bazookas, mortars, grenades, and other high explosive weapons that lets you fight back while you are preparing your own squad of tanks in the background. YES, there's always a way to fight back in this game. It's all up to you to explore your options and make the best decisions.

In the graphics and design department, this strategy game is also topping the charts! I don't know if you know Con Artist, BUT this has to be one of the best looking games he has created. Detailed graveyards, smoking battlefields, nice looking townscapes - these are just some of the graphic marvels you will witness in this game.

As for the sound effects and music, this game doesn't have an anthem. And I like that! After all, you don't hear an anthem while you are in the battlefield don't you? Well, Con Artist decided to make it even more realistic by using the war cries of men in battle and the sound of that 50-caliber and rapid-firing machine gun. The only thing I could think of as an addition is a mini-map. When you are already sweating and on the ropes, it's hard to remember that you have some troops waiting to be rallied into action!

The sound effects, graphics, the story behind these men of valor that follow every command you issue - it's easy to be absorbed emotionally by this game. And for a flash based strategy game, that's one hell of an accomplishment! It's easy to find yourself caring more for your men than keeping your focus on the overall goal: to send your troops all the way to the enemy's last base and win it.

It's not everyday that we encounter flash based strategy games that has emotion... not to mention great looking, action packed, and has awesome replay value. Check out Warfare 1944 and experience the action!