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Vacation Mogul Instructions

Vacation Mogul is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface.

Vacation Mogul Walkthrough

Vacation Mogul is a tycoon game that puts you in control of your own tourism agency. This game features rich graphics, a soothing soundtrack, and a captivating backstory.

The objective of Vacation Mogul is to complete the goals that are given to you on each level. Your goals may range from meeting a monetary goal, attracting a number of tourists, upgrading your structures, and more. To view these goals, click on the icons in the upper-left corner of the game's interface.

Vacation Mogul requires you to manage your real estate wisely in order to earn money. Not only does this tycoon game require you to build structures, but you must also buy, sell, and upgrade your buildings. These actions may require additional building materials and construction workers. In order to purchase more materials and hire more workers, use the respective tabs in the lower portion of the game's interface. Buying in bulk will allow you to purchase more goods at a cheaper price per unit.

Vacation Mogul allows you to buy buildings as well as upgrade them. Upgrading a building typically takes less resources than building a new one, but the payoff is much less. I advise building all of the buildings that you need or want first then upgrading them in order to maximize your profits. You will want a steady income in this tycoon game in order keep your tourism empire strong.

Vacation Mogul may be challenging at first, but the game features a tutor to help you along. You may deactivate this tutor at any time by unchecking "Show Tutorial" beneath his picture. If you need to reactivate the tutorial, you may do so by clicking the menu button in the upper-left of the game's screen, clicking options, then checking "Show Tutorial". I advise using the tutorial in the first few levels until you are comfortable with playing the game.

Vacation Mogul also features a thrilling story to move the game along. I won't spoil it by giving you the details here, so you're going to have to play this engaging tycoon game to find out!

Vacation Mogul is a must-play game for fans of the tycoon game genre. This business game features fun real estate management, awesome graphics, and a great story. Play Vacation Mogul today!