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UMAG Multiplayer Instructions

Use the left mouse button to select your weapons. Aim your shot with the mouse. Fire your shot with the left mouse button. Look further left using the left arrow key. Move further right using the right arrow key. Look further up using the up arrow key. Look further down using the down arrow key. Move your tank by clicking 'move' and then clicking the spot where you would like to place your tank.

UMAG Multiplayer Walkthrough

UMAG Multiplayer is an excellent war strategy game that will put your strategical skills to the test as you take on opponents from all over the world in an attempt to come out on top. There are four game mode options to choose from; 4 player ranked game, 1 on 1 ranked game, private game (where you can either join or create a private game) and a single player game. In the single player game, you won't be facing off against other opponents, but will instead be offered the chance to play around with your weapons. It's important to remember, though, in single player mode you will still have the same ammo limitations you would have in multiplayer mode, which generally isn't true in other war strategy games that offer this option. Regardless of your skill or experience level as a war strategy game. this one offers something for you. Multiplayer mode is difficult and offers a chat option so more experienced players will love the challenge offered and enjoy being able to communicate with other players during the game. Beginners will love the chance to get used to their weapons before they begin playing against others.

UMAG Multiplayer is a turn based war strategy game and that's really what makes this game different from most other games in the genre. The basic premise is fairly straight forward. You have a tank and your opponents have tanks. Your goal is to destroy all of the opponent tanks without allowing yours to get destroyed. Actually accomplishing that goal, however will take skill, strategy and the wise use of the weapons you have at your disposal. Unlike most other war strategy games online you can damage your own tank with the weapons you fire. For that reason, careful weapon selection and careful aim are vital to making it through the game. It's also important to plan ahead. While you may not necessarily know what move your opponent is going to make for sure, you can try to foresee what they can do. You also don't have to use a weapon on every turn. Sometimes it's a better idea to simply move your tank to another location. When you move your tank, you're only able to move a certain distance, but in some cases, even a small move will make all the difference. If you're taking a lot of damage from enemy fire, try to move your tank where it will be harder for your enemy to reach it.

If you're not familiar with multiplayers war strategy games, it's important to take a little time to get familiar with how UMAG Multiplayer is played. It can be a bit complicated at first glance, but it's all about knowing your weapons and knowing where to find the information you need on the screen. On the top right side of the screen, you'll see the wind indicator (the green bar) and your mini map. Both of these things are extremely important when playing. The direction of the wind will impact your shot, so make sure you keep an eye on it and adjust your shot according to the direction of the wind. It's also important to keep an eye on your mini map. This gives you a clearer picture of where your enemies are and what you need to do to take them out. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see your arsenal. There are several different weapons available in different quantities. The number beside the icon of the weapon in the weapon slot tells you how much ammo you have for any given weapon. Each weapon offers its own benefits so try them out in single player move before you dive into multiplayer mode. Having a good idea what the different weapons in your arsenal are capable of will give you an edge in multiplayers battle.

Knowing what weapons do what is likely the most important aspect of mastering UMAG Multiplayer. There are fifteen different weapons to choose from in the game and each is a little different. Figuring out what weapon is best in what situation is extremely important as it protecting your tank from any bounce back from the weapons you've deployed. You're only able to make one move for every turn (either moving your ship or firing your weapon but not both) so developing a good strategy is key. Before you even fire your first weapon, make sure your tank is in a place where it will be hard for your enemies to hit it without damaging themselves. This is something most players don't consider. This assures that although you may take damage, your enemy will as well. Next, choose a weapon to begin your attack. If you need more information about a weapon, hover your mouse over the weapon icon the bottom and look to the bottom right of the screen. You'll have all of the information you need to make the best decision.

The best way to get through UMAG Multiplayer is to save your more advanced weapons for when you really need them. Since ammo is limited, more so than it is in most war strategy games, you need to make sure you don't use all of your hard hitters too early in the game. Try to find a balance between using your weapons and defending your tank. Since you're only allowed one action per turn, you need to make sure you choose the best possible action. There is a time limit on your turn though, so don't waste a lot of time. Think fast and aim carefully and you should do fine. I would recommend playing in single player mode for a while to get a feel for the different weapons and how to best aim and shoot your weapons. Move around a bit. Fire in different angles. Try all of the different weapons and angles. Once you've got a good idea of what you're going, try multiplayer mode. Overall, this is an excellent war strategy game that any fan of war games, shooting games or strategy games needs to try at least once.