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Ultimate Tactics Instructions

Ultimate Tactics is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface, move your characters, and execute commands.

Ultimate Tactics Walkthrough

Ultimate Tactics is a tactics game that is reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics. This strategy game is a spinoff of the Ultimate Defense series of defense games and features beautiful graphics, a variety of characters and enemies, and role playing game elements.

The objective of Ultimate Tactics is to defeat all enemies on the battle field before being defeated yourself. Each character or monster on the field has a number of health points or HP. When these points reach zero, that character or monster will die.

Each unit in Ultimate Tactics is allowed to move and to attack once per turn. You may attack before moving in this strategy game. Choose your actions carefully to gain the upper-hand in battle. Attacking from the high ground or from behind increases your damage, but you will also take more damage if you are attacked from higher ground or from behind. For these reasons, it is best to try to seize the high ground as soon as you can, and to make sure that enemies do not get behind your characters.

Killing monsters in this tactics game rewards you with experience. When your characters gain enough experience, they will increase in level. Higher-leveled characters deal more damage, are more resilient to enemy attacks, and have more health and magic points at their disposal. Experience is not shared between characters, so it is a good ideas to allow all of your characters to kill some monsters in order to keep a well-balanced party.

Occasionally, enemies in Ultimate tactics may drop treasure chests. In order to get the goodies inside of the chest, you will have to pick the lock. If you have a lock pick in your possession, click on the Status button, followed by the Treasures button. Click on the treasure that you would like to unlock and choose the pick that you would like to use. When you are taken to the lock-picking minigame, click and drag your mouse to move the pick around the lock. When the pick starts to shake, hold your mouse in this position for a few seconds and the lock will open. You must manage to pick the lock before the blue bar is depleted or else you will snap your pick and have to use another one to get the loot!

Ultimate Tactics is a strategy game that is sure to please fans of tactics games and role playing games. Ultimate Tactics features a great storyline and tons of side quests to keep you busy. Luckily, this large strategy game features a save system so that you may continue your progress at a later time. It's high adventure in Ultimate Tactics!