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Turret Bot Defense Instructions

Select and place towers by clicking the tower you would like to place with the left mouse button and moving your mouse to where you would like to place it on the map. Click again with the left mouse button to place your tower. Upgrade towers by clicking tower with the left mouse button and pressing 'u'. To cancel an action press 'esc'. To deply the next wave of enemies hit 'space'. Move a tower by clicking the tower with the left mouse button and pressing 'm'. Sell a tower by clicking the tower with the left mouse button and pressing 's'.

Turret Bot Defense Walkthrough

Turret Bot Defense is an addictive, if not somewhat simple, tower defense strategy game. More experienced players are probably going to find this one a bit on the easy side. Towers aren't all that expensive to purchase or upgrade and the enemies are pretty easy to destroy. If you're at all familiar with tower defense strategy games, the majority of this game is going to be a walk in the park. Beginners, on the other hand, are probably going to find this game offers a manageable challenge; allowing them to get more familiar with this type of game so that they have the skills they need to take on the more difficult tower defense strategy games online. More experienced players, however, can give this game a shot for a more relaxed game to play or make things more challenging by releasing more than one wave at once. The game does involve some basic strategy, but if you're looking for a real challenge that will put your skills to the ultimate test, you better keep looking because this game isn't it.

To be honest, I can't really speak about what happens past wave 105 in Turret Bot Defense because I didn't play any further. Perhaps the game suddenly gets more difficult but I just couldn't wait it out. I made it to wave 105 with 18 lives left and it didn't look like any of those lives were going to be going anywhere any time soon. For experienced players, this is definitely going to be a big drawback for the game but, as I said, the benefits for newcomers are excellent. The rather simplistic nature of the game provides the perfect primer for those looking to get a little experience under their belts before they tackle the more difficult games and this game provides an excellent opportunity for doing just that. It's set up the way most tower defense strategy games are set up with the same basic premise. You need to protect your base from the waves of enemy attackers. As you progress the enemies get more difficult to conquer so you'll have to figure out how to balance the money you earn from killing your enemies with buying the towers necessary to defend your base. Pretty standard stuff in this genre.

The great thing about Turret Bot Defense is that it really can be used as training for the more difficult tower defense strategy games online. The game screen is set up the same way as most of the games in this genre, allowing the player to get used to where to look for the information they need. At the top right side of the screen, you'll see how much gold you have. Gold is what you'll be using to purchase and upgrade towers. Below that you'll see what wave you're on. Below that is your score and below that is how many lives you have left. You start the game with twenty and in all honesty, holding on to at least the majority of those lives isn't all that hard. Underneath your lives, you'll see what will be a blank space. This space will be filled with the basic information you need to know about a tower when you click on that tower either from the weapons panel at the right of the screen or click on a tower you've already placed on your map. Look at this section when you are considering buying a tower and look at the range the tower offers and the damage it delivers to an enemy as well as the cost of the tower. Look for a tower you can afford but meets your needs. The one thing really missing from the information panel is the rate of fire for the weapon. This is something you'll often find in other tower defense strategy games but you'll at least get the basic information you need.

The best way to handle Turret Bot Defense is to stick to only one or two basic towers that you've fully upgraded in the beginning. This will allow you to take out the majority of the enemies you'll face in the first few waves while still allowing you to save money for later in the game when the enemies begin getting tougher. You'll need to invest in some of the more expensive towers in later levels. These towers, grease and ice cannons, slow your enemies and allow you to more easily take them out. They also deliver a fair bit of damage so they're well worth having. The only real problem with the more expensive towers is that they offer a slow fire rate. This means they're basically useless in the first few levels so wait to purchase them until you really need them.

At the very bottom of the game screen in Turret Bot Defense you'll see the 'next wave' button as well as a timer. The timer tells you how long you have until the next wave of enemies attack while the next wave button will immediately release the next wave. This is a great option for players who are finding the game a bit on the easy side. Try releasing more than one wave of enemies at once. This makes the game a lot more challenging, but still not unbeatable. If you choose to go that route, you're going to need to have an extremely strong defense built and you're also going to need to add new towers throughout the wave. Make sure you wait until you have a little money accumulated so you can build and upgrade towers as you play. Remember though, your tower won't fire while it is upgrading, so plan your upgrades. Only begin upgrading your tower when you won't need it immediately to take out enemies. If you don't time it right, you're going to allow enemies to get past.

Overall, Turret Bot Defense isn't for the experienced tower defense strategy game player who is looking for a challenge. As I've been writing this, I allowed the game to play in the background. I just checked in and I'm now up to wave 197 with those 18 lives still intact. My score is 1,937,640. If you're a high score enthusiast, this may well be the game for you. This game is mainly a good idea for someone who is new to tower defense strategy games and wants to hone their skills for more difficult games. The low intensity takes the pressure off and allows beginners to focus on building their strategy and figuring out how to place towers. These skills are transferable. This isn't a bad game at all, it's just a little light on the challenge. It is rather fun to see how far you can go. I know I'm curious.