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Tinysasters Instructions

Tinysasters is controlled by using the mouse. Click on tiles to select them, then click on the proper buttons to place shrines, cities, workplaces, or transform tiles.

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Ludum Dare (which is Latin for "to give a game") is a game development competition where developers are allowed forty-eight hours to create a game matching a given theme. Tinysasters is a city-building game that is proof that some pretty amazing games can be developed within the scope of two days. This strategy game features colorful graphics, three difficulty levels, and captivating, but brief gameplay.

The world of Tinysasters is constantly barraged by natural disasters. Your goal is to build a level three city and a level four shrine to stop the natural disasters and keep the residents of the world safe. There are three difficulty levels in this strategy game: easy, normal, and hard. If this is your first time playing the game, I advise you to play on the easy difficulty level. Tinysasters has no save system, but the game can be completed in less then ten minutes.

The key to success in Tinysasters is gathering resources. To gather resources, you will have to build workplaces. Workplaces built on lake tiles produce water, those built on grass tiles produce food, those built on forest tiles produce wood, and those built on mountain tiles produce iron. Once you have a stable workforce, you will be able to build cities (which produce craft resources) and shrines (which produce mana).

Remember when we mentioned disasters? Disasters are the "antagonist" of this strategy game. When disaster strikes, you can lose structures that you have built and tiles can be turned into useless patches of desert. There is nothing that you can do to stop disasters until you have built the level four shrine and won the game. To remedy this, try to build redundant workplaces, cities, and shrines. Instead of putting all of your resources into upgrading one workplace or city, build many workplaces on the same types of tiles and have a few cities spaced apart. This way, you can gather resources faster and have backups in case disaster destroys some of your structures. If you have enough mana, you can also reclaim desert tiles, but you will have to build on the tiles from scratch since you do not regain any lost buildings.

Tinysasters may not be the longest strategy game, but we can't expect lengthy gameplay from a game that was developed in forty-eight hours. If you are looking for a quick, but challenging gaming break, then Tinysasters is just the game that you are looking for!