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Theme Hotel Instructions

Theme Hotel is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to scroll the screen.

Theme Hotel Walkthrough

Theme Hotel is a business management game that puts you in the role of a hotel owner. This tycoon game features sprite graphics, and easy-to-use interface, and a jazzy soundtrack.

The ultimate goal of Theme Hotel is to reach five star status. To accomplish this goal, you will have to keep your customers satisfied by provided the services that they need. You will begin this tycoon game by building a simple hotel with guest rooms and basic necessities, but as you proceed, new room types will become available for you to build. You can save your progress by clicking the second button in the upper-left corner (the one labeled with a diskette) and come back to it later by choosing the option to load your game on the main menu.

At the beginning of Theme Hotel, you are given a tutorial that teaches the basics of the game. If this is your first time playing this tycoon game, then I advise you not to skip the tutorial since the lessons learned will help you throughout the duration of the game. Various facilities are built and workers are hired by clicking the various buttons at the bottom of the screen. Everything is neatly organized, so with enough practice, you'll get the hang of things.

In order to reach five star status in this management game, you must keep the customers satisfied. Cleanliness is a big factor in keeping customers happy, so I advise you to hire at least one maid per every five rooms. Keep the facilities running by hiring a few engineers, at least one for every two floors. If you need to speed up services, hire a few more workers where things are slow. Try to stay on a budget, but these things will pay for themselves as more and more customers come to stay at your hotel and use your facilities.

Theme Hotel is an addictive management game with a simple interface and straightforward gameplay. This tycoon game can be quite lengthy, but remember that yo can always save your game and continue it later!