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The Geom Tower Defense Instructions

Place weapons by clicking with the left mouse button, dragging them into place using the mouse and then clicking again with the left mouse button. Upgrade weapons by clicking them with the left mouse button and then clicking the upgrade you want with the left mouse button. Press '1' to equip weapon that shoots point enemies. Press '2' to equip weapon that shoots line enemies. Press '3' to equip weapon the shoots triangle enemies. Press '4' to equip weapon that shoots rectangle enemies. Press '5' to equip weapon that destroys point enemies. Press '6' to equip weapon that destroys line enemies. Press '7' to equip weapon the destroys triangle enemies. Press '8' to equip weapon that destroys rectangle enemies. Press '9' to erase all of the enemies on the screen. Press '0' to slow down all of the enemies on the screen. You can also equip a weapon by clicking on it in the weapons panel using the left mouse button.

The Geom Tower Defense Walkthrough

The Geom Tower Defense is a unique and addictive tower defense strategy game that will challenge you to place different types of turret style weapons to take out different types of enemies to prevent them from destroying your tower. While that basic premise is fairly common in the world of tower defense strategy games, it's the rules of the game and the way the game is played that makes it more difficult.

The The Geom Tower Defense is so difficult because your enemies appear as different shapes and only certain towers will work to destory certain shaped enemies. What makes things even more difficult is the fact that enemies transform into new shapes when they're shot. Once again, those new shapes can only be destroyed by the appropriate tower. Rectangle (square shaped) enemies will transform into triangle (triangular shaped) enemies. Triangle enemies transform into line (thin rectangular shaped) enemies. Line enemies transform into point (circular shaped with to lines in the center) enemies. Square shaped turret style weapons will only shoot rectangle enemies. Triangle shaped turret style weapons will only shoot triangle enemies. Vertical rectangle shaped towers (they resemble half of a capital letter 'h') will only shoot line towers. Circle shaped towers will only shoot point enemies.You need to carefully choose what towers you will choose and where you will place them keeping

The Geom Tower Defense, like most tower defense strategy games online, offers a variety of upgrades you can purchase with the money you earn during a level. You can upgrade the range, power, and rate of fire for your weapon up to six times what you start with. You can also use upgrades to transform one type of weapon to another type of weapon. Upgrading your towers is absolutely vital if you want to make it through the tougher waves in each level. As enemies become tougher, it will take more to take them out and upgrading the weapons you have is generally less expensive than placing all new weapons. Focus on upgrading the power of your weapons and then the rate of fire. Range is important, but not nearly as important as making sure your weapons deliver more damage and fire faster. You'll only be facing one type of enemy in the first level - point enemies. Place one circular tower at the beginning of the map (on the left side of the screen where enemies enter) and fully upgrade it. That will be enough to take out the first few waves of enemies. Add another circular tower at the other end of the map and one in the middle and fully upgrade them. This will come in handy for later levels when different shaped enemies are attacking.

The best way to get through The Geom Tower Defense is to plan ahead. In each level a new shape of enemy will be attacking. It isn't enough to place a tower that will shoot that type of enemy. You'll also need to have towers placed to shoot the type of enemy that will appear once you hit the enemy. For example, since a line enemy will transform into a point enemy when you shoot it, you need to be sure you have a rectangular shaped tower placed first, followed by a circular shaped tower. The rectangular shaped tower will shoot the enemies and the circular shaped tower will finish them off. Things get even more difficult when you're confronted by triangles. as you'll need to add a triangular shaped tower to hit triangle enemies to begin with which will turn the enemy into a line enemy. With rectangular enemies, you'll need to add a square shaped tower. The square shaped tower will shoot the rectangular enemies turning them into triangle enemies which the triangle shaped towers will shoot. The enemies will then turn into line enemies, ready for the rectangular shaped towers and finally turn into point enemies that can be destroyed by point towers. It sounds a little complicated and in the beginning, it can be. Once you play for a while you'll be able to get the hang of it though.

Sinks offer a lot of help in the tougher levels in The Geom Tower Defense. They're similar to mines or other similar features in other tower defense strategy games but like most thing with this game, it's a bit more complicated than laying a trap and waiting for an enemy to hit it. As with the weapons and the enemies, the sinks are different shapes. There are four different sinks - one for each different kind of weapon. Each sink you place will kill two enemies of that shape. For example, a point sink will take out two point enemies and then it will disappear. You can place another one where it was or another sink of a different kind if need be. The two additional sinks - the erase sink and the slow down sink - are also excellent options to help you get through the game. The erase sink only works on one enemy, but it will eliminate that enemy regardless of what type of enemy it is. The slow down sink will slow an enemy and make it easier for your weapons to take out that enemy. Place a few of them back to back to take full advantage of their benefit.

Overall, The Geom Tower Defense is unlike any other tower defense strategy game online. The level of difficulty this game offers is really what makes it so addictive and so engrossing to play. You really need to think about what type of weapons you need to place where and how many of them you need to place. You need to take full advantage of the upgrades and sinks available to you. It isn't an easy game and in the beginning, it can feel a bit complicated. Stick with it. You'll understand better what is expected of you fairly quickly. You might not be able to get through the game on the first try, but be patient and try it a few times. Each time you play, you'll improve more and more. Work out a strategy and use it throughout the game. Place towers in sequence throughout the course. Sell older towers you don't think you'll need. This is definitely a great game and is well worth playing for any fan of puzzle games or strategy games.