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The Classroom 3 Instructions

Classroom 3 - this is one of those flash-based strategy games that is played entirely with your mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. The trouble, however, is knowing where to click and, more importantly, knowing WHEN! As you will see later, timing is EVERYTHING in this game. You see, grades are NOT your strong point. BUT that hardly matters. Why spend the whole night reviewing when there's a geek in the class? Yes, folks. This is one of those weird strategy games... so weird that it encourages you to cheat. Are you sneaky and cunning enough to get past the teacher and get all of the geek's answers for today's test? If you are someone who is easily offended even by the mention of 'cheating', then this is not for you. HOWEVER, if you are on the hunt for strategy games that have unorthodox plots and background stories, which end up being extremely fun to play, then dig in! Let's have a closer look at The Classroom 3!

The Classroom 3 Walkthrough

So you have reached this point? COOL! That means cheating doesn't offend you. And since it doesn't why don't we take it to the next level? Right below, you will find a step-by-step walkthrough for the first 7 levels of The Classroom 3. Yes, consulting a walkthrough is considered cheating, BUT it doesn't matter, does it? Onto the walkthrough!

Oh! By the way, I also tossed in the passwords for good measure. ?

Chapter 1: The Geek Who Betrayed Me

Act 1: This is the very first level and should be very easy. As you may know by now, you need to cheat off that geek, which is the yellow guy. The teacher (which is red) is your nemesis. She's sitting in her chair and reading her book. Every once in a while, however, she looks around slowly. All you need to do is copy off the nerd's answers and fill the cheat bar while the teacher is reading her book.

Chapter 2: A Life Changing Punch

Act 2 (Pass - geekfoundation): In this level, what you need to do is get as close as possible to the geek. This shouldn't be a problem since he's sitting at the same place he did in the previous level. After copying, go back to your seat. You need to pull this off really quick before your teacher finds your seat empty.

Act 3 (Pass - donalex): In this act, you need to find the geek. BUT don't worry as I have your back covered. All you need to do is walk all the way down the hall. You will find a person reading a book. He's next to the water fountain. That is the GEEK! Just get close to him and talk to him. VIOLA! Mission accomplished!

Act 4 (Pass - windowchecker): This is another 'Copy Off The Nerd' kind of level. HOWEVER, just like in the earlier levels, you got to time your actions if you don't want to get caught. Your time is limited. You need to pull it off until she gets back to her desk and copy the geek's paper. First step: wait until the teacher stops looking at you and turns away. Go near the geek BUT don't get too close to your teacher. Your best chance for filling up your 'cheat bar' is when she looks out of the window. When she goes back to her desk, it's impossible to cheat.

Act 5 (Pass - classroomrunner) - This is just like the previous levels. HOWEVER, this time around, the nerd is located in the middle left section of the classroom and on the left side of the desk. Along with that, the teacher also walks in a pretty long pattern. Right from the 'get go', get out of your seat and go straight to the geek before the teacher sees you. Copy off his answers in small amounts... there's no need to rush since there is no time limit. BUT be careful: the teacher often turns straight to the geek. I think it helps if you observe and memorize the teacher's pattern for a minute.

Act 6 (Pass - psychedman) - Just like in the act above, the teacher walks in a pattern and this makes your task a notch or two easier. My tried and tested trick here is to hide at the top, which is next to the water fountain until the teacher starts walking to the board. Just keep on doing this and, trust me, when you do this enough, you will get a full 'cheat bar'.

Chapter 3: In The Present

Act 7 (Pass - fisherlike): You have to be sneaky in this 7th act. You need to sneak into the classroom without being found out by the security guards or the janitor. Unlike other levels, you can hide in dark places where enemy units can't see you. Also, there's an eye on top of the screen, it's an indicator of your visibility. If it's open, that means you can be seen. If it's closed, then you are good to go.

You should start off by going down the bottom of the hall and turn left. There, you will find a security guard. Run back to the dark spot and wait for him to turn around. Once he does, go back and hide in the dark spot just next to the fountain. While he's not looking, pass him. You will find a janitor who's a piece of cake to elude. BUT the 2 guards after that are not as easy to deal with. They are blocking your path! What to do? Simple, be patient. The good thing is that these guards are smokers. Wait until they grab a cigarette and go on the very top of the hall. There's a bit of darkness. Do NOT leave until the guards have left... ALL OF THEM. After that, make your way to the glowing door and beat the level.

And that ends our walkthrough. All in all, there are 11 acts in the game. And before you'd ask for the other 4, let me tell you this. You are NOT getting them from me. Come on! It's still a strategy game... and it's not that fun if you don't get to do things on your own. Besides, if you got this far, that means you know the basics. So enjoy the game, and see if you can cheat your way to beat the game!