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Tentacle Wars Instructions

Tentacle Wars is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a cell and drag to another to produce a tentacle from the first cell to the second. Click and drag a line across a tentacle to sever it. You may only sever friendly tentacles.

Tentacle Wars Walkthrough

Tentacle Wars is a strategy game that puts you in command of microbes. Tentacle Wars features eerie music, simple graphics, and twenty challenging zones to conquer.

The objective of Tentacle Wars to to take over each zone by making every microbe on the field green, and preventing the other microbes from taking over. To accomplish this goal, you must tactically use tentacles between microbes to mount attacks and defenses. Each zone is conquered when all of the other-colored microbes have been defeated. If you are overrun, you will lose the zone, but you have unlimited attempts to retry the zone. This strategy game also contains an automatic save feature, so you may return to your conquest at a later time.

Each microbe has its own maximum power and maximum tentacles in Tentacle Wars. To see the maximum power and number of tentacles that a microbe may produce, simply hover your mouse over it. A cell's current power level is indicated by a number in its center. This number indicates how many segments of tentacle it can currently deploy (effectively, the length of the tentacle) as well as how many attacks it can survive before being converted. Occupied cells steadily increase in power over time until maximum power has been reached in this strategy game.

In order to win in Tentacle Wars, you will have to use proper tactics. Creating a tentacle between one of your cells to an enemy cell will launch an attack. Creating a tentacle to a friendly cell will reinforce the cell that is receiving the tentacle. You may also create a chain attack by linking multiple green cells to a final attacking cell, or gang up on an enemy cell by launching attacks from multiple cells. It pays to keep your microbes as strong as possible in this strategy game, so be sure to sever tentacles where you have to so that your cells may retain their power.

Tentacle Wars is a superb strategy game that is easy to pick up, yet challenging to master. Casual gamers and die-hard fans of the strategy game genre alike will be pleased by Tentacle Wars!