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Tanks and towers Instructions

Defend your base while trying to destroy the enemy compound. Use stationary towers for defense, while mobile units are best suited for surprise attacks. Above all else, don't let the enemy gain the upper hand in this strategy game.

Tanks and towers Walkthrough

Tanks and Towers is a strategy game that any gamer can pick up and play. It's relatively easy to understand, but it's definitely difficult to master. There's a mission mode, a tutorial mode for beginners, a survival mode for veteran gamers looking for a challenge, and there's even a tower defense mode, too. Like any other strategy game, Tanks and Towers requires lots of clicking, planning, and even more clicking.

In mission mode, your objective is destroying the head enemy tank. To do so, you'll have to build as many tanks as you can - all the while improving your defenses with stationary towers. You'll gain funds over time, and when you destroy enemy tanks and towers, so money isn't that much of a problem. When you do build a huge force of mobile tanks, though, it can be difficult to move them all at once. So when you strike, you'll have to attack with a small group.

Once you've played a few rounds of Tanks and Towers, you'll know exactly how to play. And with increasingly difficult missions, the game only gets more fun as you keep playing. Although the graphics are a little dated, and the enemy AI doesn't make sense all the time, Tanks and Towers is a solid strategy game.

And that's why you should check it out - with mission mode, survival mode, and TD mode, you've got nothing to lose. Utterly destroy your enemy for fun, or try to survive as long as you possibly can in this calculated strategy game. Either way, you'll have lots of fun - and you won't want to stop playing anytime soon.