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SteamBirds Instructions

Hover your mouse over the arrow to see attack options. Click on the mode of attack you want to use with the left mouse button to select it. Drag the arrow to aim your plane. Center the screen on your plane by pressing one of the arrow keys on your keyboard. Scroll to see more of the map using your mouse wheel or by clicking and dragging the map. End your turn by clicking on the 'end your turn button' or by pressing 'space'.

SteamBirds Walkthrough

SteamBirds is a unique and engrossing turn based strategy game that challenges you to use logic to destroy all of the enemies on the screen without allowing your own plane to be destroyed. It isn't an easy game. You'll really need to think about every move you make. You're only able to make one move for every turn so you have to make the most out of every turn you have. That's really what makes this game so difficult. It's also what makes the game so much fun. For those looking for a thrilling, action packed game, it might be best to look elsewhere, but if you're looking for a game that will stimulate your brain and force you to really think; this is definitely the game for you.

In SteamBirds, your primary objective is to take out enemy planes. You'll do this by dragging your arrow to different parts of the screen to control the direction your plane flies in. When you begin, the path of your plane is straight ahead. You'll need to click the arrow connected to the plane by a dotted line to change the direction of your flight. Drag the arrow so that your plane will be flying in the direction of an enemy drone. Your plane shoots automatically and will begin moving as soon as you click the 'end of turn' button at the top right side of the screen (the arrow with the dotted line around it). If you've chosen to change direction properly, you'll be able to destroy your enemy's ship. In levels where there is more than one aircraft, try to plan your move so that you can destroy one enemy drone while also moving toward the second enemy drone. There is almost always a way to do this even though it's not always readily apparant. There is no time limit so take a few moments to look at the situation you're in. Decide if there's any way you can attack two enemies in one turn. You have to be careful though. You don't want to leave yourself in a place where you won't be able to reach either enemy in a turn.

The shield option in SteamBirds is something you want to take advantage of as often as you can. You can hover over your own plane with your mouse to see the basic stats about your plane; weapons, speed, agility and armor. How your plane is faring in all four areas is indicated by hearts. If your armor is damaged and you fear your plane will be destroyed by enemies surrounding you, use a turn or two to shield yourself enemy fire. You won't be able to shoot while using your shield, but you can work on getting yourself in a position where you can evade enemy fire a bit better or at least out of the direct line of fire. Consider trying to get directly behind your enemies. It will be much harder for them to reach you there. It can be hard to get behind your enemies as they will also be moving but it's definitely worth trying.

In SteamBirds, you can also hover over your enemy planes with your mouse to view the stats of that plane. Use this information to determine what the most immediate threat to you is. Take that threat out first. Focus on taking out the strongest planes first and the weakest planes once you have the strongest planes taken care of. This allows you to take out the series threats that will be much harder to remove and then focus on secondary threats without having to worry as much about being destroyed. Planning your moves is everything in this excellent turn based strategy game. You need to look at where your enemies are located and the best way to go about defending your own plane while taking out your enemies. Keeping an eye on your enemy plane stats is important when planning your strategy, so make sure you remember to do it. That information is offered for a reason. Make sure you take advantage of it.

Overall, SteamBirds is an excellent turn based strategy game that is quite a bit different from most of the other turn based strategy games online. It isn't a thrill a minute. It isn't exactly a fast paced, intense game that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, but it is a great game that will challenge you to think and plan your moves carefully. The real challenge of the game comes from the fact that you can only make one move per turn so planning becomes even more important. You need to use that one turn wisely and find the balance between protecting your plane and taking out your enemies. This game might be a little slow for those who look for a little more flash and excitement in a game but for someone looking for a good brain teaser, this turn based strategy game should offer exactly what you're looking for.