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The controls for Star Forge aren't complicated at all. Just like most tower defense and strategy games out there, you just need to use your mouse - for building those defensive units, for upgrading them, and for everything else in between. Now let's get to where the 'meat' is at: the game!

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This is what Hero Interactive said about their creation, Star Forge: "It had to be SIMPLE. It had to have a lot of ACTION, a base you can build, and explosions - LOTS of EXPLOSIONS!" I don't know about you, BUT for me, that's just about everything I need to know to play Star Forge! And believe me, the guys behind it did an excellent job of making a game EXACTLY the way they want it to be. However, for those who want to know a little bit more about the game, read on.

Star Forge is one of those strategy games that nicely combines the most popular elements found in general defense games and tower defense game genres. The plot and objective of the game isn't very deep: you have a base. Now, there are some ships who want to destroy your base... and leave a smoking crater behind. What should you do? Destroy them first!

Yes, it's not deep or mind-bending. It's simple... and packs a LOT of fun!

What I like about this strategy game is that it provides you valuable in-game tutorials as you play. Along with that, new options and upgrades are unlocked gradually... and this is nice since you don't get overwhelmed with information, and you learn the very basics of the game. Let me remind you, however, that Star Forge is largely about making good choices and decisions. And, here's what, a bad one can really get you stuck and hamper your progress. It's probably a good idea to restart the game at least once while keeping in mind the obstacles you encounter at some of the levels.

When you start out with Star Forge, you are given a base that can build the most basic of towers only. This should serve as your first line of defense, and while you can arrange them as much as you like, you better arrange them in a way where they can complement each other and take out enemies faster. Remember; once you put down your towers, you cannot move them... although, later in the game, you get the recycle option BUT that's still far into the future.

Use your mouse to arrange your towers, and you better do it quick and efficiently since the enemies will come from every single direction. Make sure that your towers are strong enough to take care of these baddies.

The more waves you defeat, the more experience and levels you will gain. Along with the EXP and levels, you will also unlock new upgrades and abilities that will allow you to cope up with the ever-evolving enemies that get stronger by the minute.

During the initial stages, having a basic damage and defense upgrade is good enough. Later on, however, you need to make use of range upgrades, projectiles, explosives, weapons with slowing effects, healing capabilities, set down traps and bombs, and those are just to name a few.

You want to maximize your towers' firepower so upgrade them whenever you can. By the way, each tower can take up to six upgrades. To produce one kind of upgrade, you just need to select your base and click on the upgrade button of your choice. Keep in mind, however, that your base will produce the same upgrade again and again until you switch to another upgrade. Some of the upgrades get done really fast like the healing capabilities, while others take A LOT more time such as better tower upgrades and producing towers during late game. Trust me, with the enemy units getting tougher and tougher; you need all of the help and upgrades you can get!

The only let-down in Star Forge, in my opinion, is the lack of ability to save games. Yes, you need to play the game in one session. Your game ends when you win, or when you die. True, you can restart the level before you died BUT that means suffering from a HUGE score wipe. Also, it can get pretty intense for your processor. If you are running this game on a 'dinosaur', you can always click on the quality control and pick the option that suits you best.

With a lot of surprises along the way, the fun you will have will largely depend on your personality. If you are the sort that plans ahead for many moves (like a General), this game may not be for you. You may find the up and coming surprises to be unpleasant and destructive for your grand schemes. On the other hand, if you are the sort who loves planning on the fly and dealing with unexpected twists and turns (just like a field marshal), then Star Forge is yours for the taking!

Simple, explosive, and action packed - dig in and you will surely have fun!