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Sim Lemonade Millionaire Instructions

Sim Lemonade Millionaire is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface to order supplies, concoct recipes, set prices, and more by using your mouse.

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Lemonade stands are a common first business that young children open to make some spending money and learn about entrepreneurship. These businesses rarely make much money, and oftentimes are in violation of several laws (although they are rarely shutdown by authorities). Sim Lemonade Millionaire is a business management game where you can become a millionaire selling lemonade without being hassled by government run amok! This tycoon game features an easy-to-use interface, superb graphics, and various choices to make to take your business to the top!

The objective of Sim Lemonade Millionaire is to make as much profit as possible. Despite the title of this tycoon game, you do not have to make one million dollars to win; there is no objective way to win, just make as much money as possible and avoid going into debt! After each day, you will have the option of saving your game, so you can continue your business venture the next time that you play. The high score tables seem to be bugged, so submitting your score probably will not work.

You will not have any supplies on your first day, so you will have to buy them! It is also a good idea to replenish your supplies after each day in this management game. Buy stock items in bulk when you can since it is cheaper in the long run. Perishable items, ice cubes and lemons, may melt or spoil so you should only buy the number that you think that you will need, then a few extra to be safe. Sugar and glasses do not go bad, so you should buy them in bulk whenever you can.

Customers in Sim Lemonade Millionaire will react with smiley icons based on the performance of your stand. Happy faces represent satisfied customers, frowning faces represent customers that are upset by the taste of the lemonade, hourglasses mean poor service time, and dollar symbols ($) indicate too high of a price. Only satisfied customers will pay for the lemonade, so you want to satisfy as many customers as possible. Customers that are disgusted by your recipe can be satisfied by changing the recipe. The default lemonade recipe tends to satisfy, so you should keep it as is at the start of the game. Upgrades can help you to speed up service time, but they are expensive so there is little that you can do about impatient customers at the beginning of this tycoon game. Finally, if your prices are too high, you should lower them. A price of $.70 is good for starters. Unlike the recipe, you cannot change your prices in the middle of the day, so if your prices are too high, you are unlikely to make any money for the rest of the day.

If you are a fan of business management games, then give Sim Lemonade Millionaire a try.. Tycoon games have never been this sweet!