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Siegius Instructions

Just like other strategy games out there in the net, getting started and playing Siegius is as straightforward and as easy as it could get. The game is played entirely with the mouse: point and click to get the game started; a couple of more clicks to train or create a unit; one more click to place them on the screen... well, basically, you need to point and click throughout the game. Let's have a closer look at Siegius.

Siegius Walkthrough

Ven, Vidi, Vici!, said Julius Caesar after his short war against Pharnacles II of Pontus back in 47 BC, which means: I came. I saw. I conquered. Well, that's the only memorable quote I remembered when I was studying world history back in high school. BUT make no mistake about it. I love studying history... and if there's only one thing that history has taught us gamers, it's that history is so full of twists and turns; it is so action packed that it makes EXCELLENT content for flash-based strategy games. Apparently, Juice-Tin is aware of this and, as a result, Siegius was born.

This game takes you all the way back to the mid-50s BC, which is a VERY long time before your grandparent's grandparents first saw daylight. Anyway, Julius Caesar is laying siege to Gaul (which is now France as my bleak memory could recall). You need to send out units to attack the base of the fierce Gaul commander Vercing. BUT don't pursue your offensive plans mindlessly. You see, Vercing, like Julius Caesar, is a good strategist and tactician. He's also sending out units, and to make things even more challenging, he has something to match whatever it is you have under your sleeve! With that in mind, you should balance offense and defense. You should know when to send out heavy melee fighters and when to train long range attackers. You must learn and cast unique and heavy-hitting spells... all of these and more are done in an effort to finally march your way to victory!

The Game Play: Siegius game play is very easy to pick up. With a little practice, understanding the game's flow should become second nature to you. The action takes place on a flat battlefield. There are 3 corridors where you can place units: there is high, low, and the middle. On any of these areas or corridors, you can train and place units. Once done, they will automatically come out of your barracks armed with razor-sharp and piercing swords; bows and arrows; beefy shield and armor; they could be riding a horse; and those are just to name a few. The moment they encounter an enemy unit on the same corridor, they will attack. Depending on the offensive and defensive power of your unit and the opponent's, they will continue to strike each other down until one falls flat on his face. YES folks; war is harsh and brutal. Don't give mercy to your enemies for you shall receive none!

There are different units you have at your disposal. There are peasants whose business is to mine gold, which is necessary for creating more soldiers, researching spells, and MORE. There are close-range soldiers who are masters at hand-to-hand combat. There are archers, guys who are weak when fighting head-on BUT are very adept at striking and dealing damage from a safe distance. There are healers... the medieval counterpart of the modern medic. You will find horsemen, defenders, and those are just to name a few of the units you have within your barracks... ready for battle. HOWEVER, each of these units costs a certain amount of gold. Along with that, there's also a cool down or a timer that must complete its cycle before you can summon more units of the same kind.

Being observant and discerning can take you a long way in Siegius. Nah, Julius Caesar didn't reach his peak because of berserking his way to victory. You need to carefully watch your opponent's move especially the units he sends out. From there, you can carefully calculate your move. You see, sending out the wrong units or sending out the right ones in the wrong section in the battlefield can be very costly.

Once you have advanced enough, you will also be able to unlock spells... devastating spells that could create massive destruction among enemy ranks. What I like about Siegius is that it's fairly forgiving when it comes to the frequency in which you cast or use your spells. Before diving into battle, you are given the chance to pick and outfit your inventory with soldiers, other units, and spells. You can pick the ones you like most or the ones that you know how to use best and work well together before heading out to meet Vercing's forces.

To be honest, Siegius doesn't deliver anything new... there's nothing fantastically inventive or jaw-dropping about it. It does what other strategy games before it have done. HOWEVER, Siegius does it REALLY well, and that's especially true for the presentation. I MUST say this is spot on. Along with that, the game is also quite gripping with each level oozing with epic drama and sprinkled with nice internet-style humor. The strategy and action combo very well fits casual gamers... guys who are looking to have fun without vexing for hours over an ultra-challenging game.

It does take time, however, to unlock all of the spells and warriors in the game. The nice thing, though, is that each level gives you something new to play with... something new to send out to the battle field. Yes, there's no shortage of motivating factors in this game. It's one of those strategy games that will keep you going battle after battle!