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Sieger Instructions

While Sieger is not like most strategy games where you need to build units and structures, move up the tech tree, go into battle, etc., the controls are nevertheless easy to pick up. Well, you would use your mouse for the majority of the game - for getting those boulders ready, for hurling them at the enemy, and everything else in between.

Sieger Walkthrough

So you are on the hunt for strategy games like Crush The Castle? Yeah? Well, guess what: Sieger is here to whet your appetite! Coming with the same central concept, you need to use your mouse to target different parts of the fortress so you can bring it down, which will kill all of the people inside.

HOWEVER, there are some things that Sieger does differently. The most noticeable difference is that it removes the catapult. Instead, you have to face the castle from the front and your boulder (or whatever you call that projectile) goes precisely where you want it.

Restraint - this is another crucial factor. You see, you can't just go on a rampage and destroy or kill everyone in sight. There are a couple of levels where you need to keep the hostages alive - these are the guys with exclamation points over their heads. Keep in mind - these hostages are just as vulnerable or "killable" as the bad guys. A single jiggle to the wall would send them down... bleeding!

The Projectiles: There are 3 types of projectiles at your disposal: (1) the normal one (2) the explosive projectile and (3) the deceased body. Now, the latter doesn't do a lot of damage like the first two. HOWEVER, it spreads a cloud of lethal gas that will kill everything in its radius. You only have a limited number of shots in some levels. BUT here's the point: complete the mission in as few shots as possible no matter what the level. This enables you to get the highest possible score.

Now, make no mistake about it: Sieger is NOT just a copy of Crush The Castle. Nah, it stands on its own and has definitely carved its name in the genre. Some of you will miss the timing challenge when releasing the catapult in Crush The Castle... BUT some of you will find the relaxed game play better. What I really like is that many of the levels are based on historic events - the Warring States Era fof China, Italian Renaissance, and those are just to name a few.

Another Nicety: For those of you who are frustrated by a level in Crush The Castle, where you know exactly where and how to hit to make the whole thing topple BUT can't click at the right moment, rejoice! As I have mentioned, Sieger allows you to hit precisely where you want it.

The challenge though is that you cannot stumble into the right spot like most of us try to do in Crush The Castle because of the hostages inside. Nah, hurling your strongest projectiles and going trigger happy won't cut it in Sieger. And that's precisely what makes it FUN!