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Shop Empire Instructions

Shop Empire is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface, . The arrow keys or WASD keys are used to scroll the game's screen.

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Have you ever wanted to own an international chain of malls? If so, Shop Empire is just the tycoon game for you! Shop Empire features sprite graphics, a soothing soundtrack to go along with the game's atmosphere, twenty-one achievements, and a save game feature.

The objective of Shop Empire is to keep your customers satisfied while raking in the profits. This is done by building various shops and buildings, as well as hiring a top-notch staff to keep your mall in good condition. You will start small, but as your profits increase, you will be able to add more and more shops, buildings, and staff to your empire!

Shop Empire is a huge game where you have plenty of options. Not to worry, because this tycoon game will occasionally give you tips to help you along. If these tips are not enough, do not fret, because we will provide you with some tips of our own.

At the beginning of this tycoon game, it is a good idea to build a fast food restaurant, and a restroom. Most of your initial customers are simply looking for a place to eat, and throughout the game, a great portion of your customers will want food. Having a restroom will keep your customers happier, and allow them to shop for greater periods of time, which will help you to make more money.

In Shop Empire, the customer is always right. Be sure to pay attention to what your customers want, by noting the icon that appears over their heads. You may also click on customers to see their specific wants and needs. If a famous celebrity visits your mall, you will certainly want to offer them what they want. Not only do celebrities spend larger sums of money than average customers, but they will also drastically increase the popularity of your mall if they leave happy!Build shops catering to the needs of your customers, and you will see your profits soar!

To keep your mall in tip-top shape, you must hire janitors, technicians, and security guards. Janitors keep your mall clean by picking up trash that customers leave behind. People will not want to shop at a filthy mall, so be sure to hire a few janitors to keep things spiffy. Technicians will make sure that each store is in working order, and make repairs on the electricity. If a shop's lights go out, customers cannot shop there. Finally, security guards patrol your mall every night to catch burglars. We advise you to hire at least one of each staff member for every floor of your mall, plus one extra security guard for the ground floor. Make sure to fully upgrade your staff members when you get the chance; it costs more, but it's a cost that will payoff in this tycoon game!

Finally, if Shop Empire moves along too slowly, you may use the time compression buttons to speed things up. These buttons are located in the center of the game's bottom interface. We advise you not to speed things up until you have a diversity of shops that will keep your customers satisfied.

Shop Empire is a delightful tycoon game that provides a ton of entertainment value. Once the profits start rolling in, you will become addicted to this tycoon game!