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Once again, in this game, you take control of that hapless and mysterious subject (yeah, the same guy in the first installment) who is stuck in a monochromatic laboratory that is jam packed with spikes and blocky structures. Help him find his way out with the directional keys (left and right to be specific), jump using the Space Bar button, and shift between the black and white worlds using the... Alright, I'm not gonna tell you that one. That's supposed to be your first puzzle in one of the most popular, fun, and puzzling strategy games in the internet today!

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Can't get enough of Shift? Here's the great news Shift 2 is here for you to enjoy! Created by Tony from Armor Games, Shift 2 comes with everything that the first game should have. Now, as for leaps forward, it doesn't have much compared to the first one, BUT it did a good job of refining the game and expanding the original concepts.

All in all, Shift 2 is a smoother and better dose of run, jump, and puzzle strategy game. For one thing, those bugs in the first installment (especially the dreaded dead-end level) have been ironed out.

Coming with 15 levels of varying difficulty, you need to master the art of shift to finish a level and get to the next one. For those of you who are NOT aware of what shifting is, shifting flips your hero through the floor under his feet and reverses almost everything around your hero. It reverses your color, turns the entire world over, solid black blocks become nothing BUT empty space, mountains turn into valleys, pits into walls, and those are just to name a few.

The ultimate goal of the game is to untangle the landscape using the said shifting mechanic...turning it into a coherent pathway and escape through the door, which is usually placed inconveniently to challenge your wits.

Something NEW: This time around, there are a couple of objects that you need to collect. Of course, there are still keys that rotate large platforms BUT now, you will also find lightbulb icons that will turn those impassable checkerboard bricks disappear from your path...making your task infinitely easier. Another impressive collectible is the arrow. This one reverses the direction of gravity - upside down and 90 degrees!

With a richer and more complicated strategy game, and with all of the bugs that plagued Shift's first installment gone without a trace, all that is left for you to enjoy is a high quality and puzzling platformer strategy game with a wave of diabolically difficult levels to come. That is for sure once the fans of this game open the level editor - allowing them to create levels and challenges that can only be bound by their imagination and creativity.

I, for one, can't wait for the next installment of Shift! Maybe Tony would include moving platforms, enemies, tubes which function as crawl spaces, poles one can climb...I don't know. BUT one thing is for sure, that would a hell lot of fun to play!