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ShellCore Command: Ep1 Instructions

Move your ship with the WASD keys, and double-click on NPCs to accept missions and talk. Click on friendly ships to have them follow you (and give additional firepower), and collect energy orbs to use when upgrading your ship. Complete missions in campaign mode, or play through tutorial mode if you don't know what to do.

ShellCore Command: Ep1 Walkthrough

Shellcore Command: Ep1 is the first installment of the Shellcore series. It's a strategy game with a galactic theme - in it, you'll have to recruit an army, destroy red enemies, and add parts to your ship as needed. There are three gameplay modes - a tutorial mode, a skirmish mode, and a campaign mode. While campaign mode is the longest, new players should try out the tutorial mode to see how the game works.

But once you start playing Shellcore Command, you'll pick up on the gameplay right away. First and foremost, if you're playing in campaign mode, you'll have missions to complete. Some of them could be escort missions, while others will require you to travel to another sector on the world map. Either way, the missions are rewarding - and you'll usually be able to upgrade your ship after completing one.

Skirmish mode, on the other hand, is a little different. In it, your overall goal is to destroy the enemy. You won't have to deal with any extraneous missions, but the gameplay is much shorter. Like other online strategy games, campaign mode in Shellcore Command is lengthy - yet it's only the first episode in the Shellcore series.

If you like longer games, with missions you'll have to see through, then Shellcore Command: Ep1 is definitely worth checking out. The fighting is fierce, the controls are tight, and the missions are difficult. Though if you fail any, you'll be able to restart them with relative easy, so the game is easy on beginners.