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Rune Raiders Instructions

Rune Raiders is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface, move your units, and attack by using the mouse. You may also use the arrow keys to issue movement orders.

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Rune Raiders is a turn-based strategy game sponsored by Armor Games. This war game features impressive graphics, and two modes of gameplay.

The two modes of gameplay available in Rune Raiders are Missions Mode and Survival Mode. Missions mode spans fifteen levels. The objective is to advance to the end of the board on each level, defeating enemies as you go along. Your progress is saved in Missions Mode, so you will be able to continue from where you left off the next time that you play this strategy game. Survival mode is unlocked after five missions have been completed in Missions Mode. The goal of Survival Mode is to defeat as many enemies as possible before your army is killed.

Rune Raiders uses the mouse as its primary control device. Click and drag unit cards to place them in formation. Move your entire army by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the screen or by using the arrow keys. Each move costs one turn. When enemies get within range (or one of your units gets within range of an enemy), they will automatically attack once per turn. This logic also applies to healing units as they will heal friendly units adjacent to them once per turn.

Rune Raiders is well-designed strategy game, but it is not perfect. The most obvious problem is that you must reassemble your army before each mission, forcing you to spend precious money that could be used for upgrades. This will make the game extremely difficult on later levels where powerful enemies are present. Upgrades can be found occasionally by killing enemies, but this rarely happens. If you want to upgrade your soldiers, you will have to do an exceptional job to on each mission, completing them in as few moves as possible to earn more money.

Rune Raiders is a challenging strategy game with elements of role-playing games and board games thrown in for good measure. The game is well-made, but later levels can be frustrating, especially for casual gamers.