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Royal Envoy Instructions

Select a level, collect taxes from residents, and build new homes and buildings for even more revenue in this strategy game. Point and click to send workers from your castle, and once you've completed a map, move on to the next.

Royal Envoy Walkthrough

Royal Envoy is a strategy game where you won't have to defend your people from enemies - just the elements of nature. It's a civilization building game, and you'll have to upgrade houses, build new buildings, and collect taxes before you can move on to the next level. The tutorial at the beginning of the game will explain everything you need to do - before the game gets really difficult - and it's actually helpful, even if you're familiar with the genre.

But right off the bat, Royal Envoy seems more like a retail release than a free online game. The amount of levels, the awesome graphics, and the enjoyable gameplay will all attest to this - and you won't want to stop playing anytime soon. Since there are so many different levels to playthrough, each with unique challenges, the game doesn't drag one bit.

In each level, you're given a set amount of tasks to complete. Sometimes, you only have to build a few houses - while other times, you'll have to build certain buildings, and collect a huge amount of gold. As far as strategy games go, this is pretty mundane, but as the levels go on, they become increasingly difficult. You'll have to be quick when it comes to collecting taxes - and maximizing profits - or you won't pass levels in time.

Overall, Royal Envoy is an amazing strategy game any fan of the genre should check out. There are tons of elements at play in every level, and each challenge is unique and enjoyable. For anyone who likes to solve problems, and plan cities, this is the game for you. And for any other gamer that likes to have fun, Royal Envoy is perfect for that, too.