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Robot Clashes Instructions

Robot Clashes is controlled by using using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface and spawn equipment for your army by using the mouse.

Robot Clashes Walkthrough

Robot Clashes is a real-time strategy game where you play the role of equipment manager for a robotic army. This tycoon game features four planets to conquer, each with five missions (for a total of twenty missions), simple controls, and stylish graphics.

The objective of Robot Clashes is to destroy the enemy army's base and defend your own. Instead of taking in active role in combat, however, your mission is simply to supply your troops in this strategy game. Soldiers will automatically rush out of your base towards the enemy base, engaging enemy troops along the way. If your forces destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours, you will advance to the next level. You may start the game on any planet, but missions on each planet must be completed in order. I advise you to begin this tycoon game on the first planet, Scrap Moon, since it is the easiest. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

There are three resources in Robot Clashes: energy, skulls, and time. Energy (indicated by the blue lightning bolt in the upper-right corner) gradually increases over time and skulls are earned by killing enemies. Energy and skulls are needed to buy equipment. Once equipment is bought in this tycoon game, you can spawn it for your troops by clicking on the appropriate icon in the upper-left corner. Equipment takes time to become available once bought. The higher the upgrade level, the less time you will have to wait for equipment to become available again.

After each mission in Robot Clashes, you will unlock additional weapons and equipment for your soldiers to use. You will also earn talent points that may be used to purchase upgrades for your army. Talent upgrades are passive and automatically applied to your troops in the field for no additional cost. I advise buying upgrades on the defensive tree first since they are much more useful than the other upgrades in general.

Robot Clashes is a tycoon game that is simple to understand and a blast to play. War gamers that like to have direct control over the action on the frontlines may be turned off by this strategy game, but it is perfect for casual gamers and backseat generals!