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Recordshop Tycoon Instructions

Recordshop Tycoon is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to make purchases. Use the arrow keys to rotate objects in build mode.

Recordshop Tycoon Walkthrough

Are you a music buff? Have you ever wanted to own your own record store? Well, now you can in Recordshop Tycoon. This snazzy tycoon game features a jazzy soundtrack, detailed graphics, and addicting gameplay.

The goal of Recordshop Tycoon is to become wealthy by opening a chain of record stores in the city of Rubato Hills. This business management game features a variety of properties that you may buy from the real estate agent, but in the beginning, your limited funds will relegate you to buying the cheapest property in a run-down area of town.

Not only must you build your shops, you must stock them with the music that your customers want to hear, as well as advertise. This is done under the management menu. Different types of music have different levels of popularity in different areas of the town. In your starting area, urban music and pop music seem to be the most popular genres. Be sure to pay close attention to news headlines as well. At the end of each day, you will be presented with a newspaper that may give you an insight as to what genres are receiving a spike in popularity, and the genres that are being phased out. This newspaper also gives you the price that it will cost you to buy CDs in order to replenish your stock, and the average price of CDs for consumers.

Setting the right price based on product demand is essential in this tycoon game. If you set your prices too high, customers will not want to purchase albums from your store. On the other hand, if you set your prices too low, you will not be able to cover all of your expenses. I've found that setting your price slightly lower than the average works well to build profits in the beginning. To set your prices, select the icon labeled "Price Manager" on the computer in your office.

Recordshop Tycoon allows you to customize your music stores by building additional CD racks, adding live DJs, and more. I advise you to start small at first by upgrading your cash register and CD rack. This will allow you to have more CDs in stock, and will reduce the waiting time of customers in line. As you progress in this tycoon game, you may want to add a live DJ and listening booths that will increase the popularity of your store and increase the number of CDs that patrons buy respectively.

Recordshop Tycoon is a wonderful business game that is fun for all ages. This tycoon game is sure to put a smile on the face of real music buffs; not only is it an addicting game, but the soundtrack of Recordshop Tycoon will keep you glued to this game!