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QWOP Instructions

I know I know, this has to have one of the weirdest names in the strategy games genre. QWOP - I'm pretty sure you are wondering what on earth that means. Well, here's the reasoning behind: QWOP are the buttons you need to use to play the game. Q and W buttons are for the two legs. On the other hand, the O and P buttons are for controlling the calves. Yes, you need to control a runner in this game, and the control scheme is quite straightforward and easy to pick up. HOWEVER, here's the hard part: you need to get the combination right so your Olympic runner would run in the right direction. And trust me, getting there is hard. How hard? Well, let's say majority of people can't even make it to the 10 meter mark. Either their runner would run backwards or just fall flat on his face. This is not one of your average strategy games fellas. Let's have a closer look.

QWOP Walkthrough

If you would do the 'quite impossible' survey to determine the hardest game to play, different gamers would have different answers. First person shooting fans will have their own answer, and fans of RPG's, real time strategy games, etc. will have their own. HOWEVER, it seems that fans of puzzle / strategy games have a unison voice when it comes to the hardest game for their genre. It's this game: QWOP.

The objective of the game is anything BUT hard to understand: you are competing in a 100-meter Olympic running event. The goal, as expected, is to finish the race. HOWEVER, getting to the finish line, as you will see, is NOT as straightforward as it appears.

Anyway, a little background about QWOP: apparently, this is one of the most addictive flash-based internet games out there. It's been out for a while as a flash version, and I believe it was soon released on Apple iPhone. Being on Apple iPhone speaks a lot about how popular this game is.

OK, enough with the 'shameless' pitch. QWOP takes you to the shoes of an Olympic runner. You are the sole representative of the country; the nation's finances have been strained by sending you to the competition, and they are expecting you to at least finish the race. The bad news, however, is that running isn't the easiest thing to do is QWOP. Heck! You can't even figure out how to coordinate your calves and legs so you can run! Have you ever felt like a Jell-O... say because of hang over or jet lag or something like it? Yeah? Man, standing up is hard... and running is twice as difficult!

That's exactly what you will experience in QWOP. Only a handful has figured out how to coordinate those damned thighs, calves, and muscles. The bad news is that none of them has released a walkthrough yet. The good news, however, is that they have 'leaked out' some tips and tricks to get you running in the right direction:

(1) Start off by tapping the Q button and holding down the P button. This should help you make your first step in the game.

(2) Once you see his foot coming forward, switch the buttons and press O and W together. Hold that down until he makes his second step.

(3) To make the third, switch buttons once again. Summing it up, you just need to rinse and repeat the process to get him going in the RIGHT direction. This method certainly isn't fast... BUT it's enough to get you going as long as you get the buttons right.

Remember, you are the only representative of your country to the Olympics so don't screw things up. Finish the race in this HIGHLY unorthodox BUT extremely fun strategy game!