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Pocket Creature Instructions

Pocket Creature is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, add creatures to your army, and feed your monsters.

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Pocket Creature (also called Pocket NTCreature) is a spinoff of the NTCreature series of strategy games. This war game features straightforward gameplay, fifteen mainline missions, and four species of creatures to add to your army.

The objective of Pocket Creature is to overthrow the king. There are no cutscenes or explanations before the game to give greater depth to this story, unfortunately, so you may have to piece things together as you go along or use your imagination. Despite the nebulous storyline of this strategy game, its gameplay is straightforward and fun. Your goal is to raise an army of up to four creatures to crush enemy armies on each of the fifteen levels. You may also take on side missions to earn more money. Your game is autosaved after each battle, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Unlike the other games in the NTCreature series, Pocket Creature allows you to raise multiple creatures as an army instead of only focusing on one, nut takes away your ability to directly control creatures in combat. There are four types of creatures in this war game: Spirits, Dragons, Undead, and Puppets. If you have played previous NTCreature game, you may have come across these creatures. Throw all of that old knowledge away; remember that you are building an army of four in this strategy game, so you will have to look at how each of your monsters' abilities contributes to your war machine. For example, Spirits are weak by themselves, but their ranged ability allows them to hit enemies from afar. Having a Dragon in front of the Spirits will block advancing enemies, allowing the Spirits to bombard them at range.

Battles are graded in Pocket Creature. The higher your grade, the more money you will earn. This money can be used to buy additional units and feed units that are already in your army. When units are fed, a blue bar above them will fill. When this bar is filled completely, you will be able to evolve your creature. Be careful when choosing an evolutionary path. Bigger is not always better, and it is best to choose an evolutionary path the benefits your entire team, not just the single monster.

Pocket Creature is a strategy game that combines the virtual pet genre with the brutality of warfare. Gamers that prefer to take part in the battle or give direct orders to their troops may be disappointed by this strategy game, but those that don't mind playing coach will have a great time!