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Nothing fancy or complicated as far as the controls go. Just use your mouse for controlling your army pixels, rally them to destroy the enemy base, and hope they get the job done. Let's take a closer look at the game...

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Strategic games have never been popular for their fast-pace or being action packed. Shooting games, adventure games, and other genres do it better than strategy games. HOWEVER, Pixel Legions is more of an exception than following the 'rule'. This is one of those strategy oriented games where your fingers' speed and reflexes matter A LOT. No, 'A LOT' is an understatement. Rather, it's all that matters!

In this game, the goal is also very straightforward: you have your own swarm or army of pixels. The enemy has its own. What you need to do is simple - destroy their base first before they destroy yours! In execution, it's somewhat similar to Galcon or Phage Wars. HOWEVER, this game showcases an open playing field... allowing your men, or pixels rather, to move about freely.

Your base spurts out clusters of pixels every now and then. You can use those pixels to deliver a smack down to your opponent. To do just that, just click on the group of pixels, and click once more to the area where you want them to go. On the other hand, you can also click and hold on the group... drag your mouse and this will create a path where the pixels will go. Your base also moves like this BUT in a much slower rate.

When 2 groups of allied pixels come together, they will automatically combine... and needless to say, their firepower gets stronger. The last base standing is declared the winner. You may find it easy to deal with earlier bases and enemy pixels BUT as you progress, you will face enemy units that are LARGER in numbers. If you play this game, you should be quick enough!

You may be thinking: "So where's the strategic part?" Well, that all boils down to how cool headed you are when facing pressure... especially when you are up against multiple enemies. Most of the time, firing away your troops to the enemy's base in rapid-fire fashion works. BUT there are some stages where it doesn't, and it's your job to figure out what works.

In the later levels, there are terrains serving as obstacles. This does a good job of ramping up the difficulty and you need to think fast. Remember, be quick or don't play this game at all. Well, you can still be slow BUT you will be overrun by the enemies most of the time. As for a background story, there's none in Pixel Legions. BUT if fast paced game play, excellent visuals, etc. is your thing, then you will LOVE this strategy game.

It's excellent for spicing up a boring hour or two. It may NOT be as epic as other strategy games out there BUT this is still fun nonetheless.