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Phage Wars 2 Instructions

Start an experiment and play against the computer in this strategy game. Spread your germ influence from node to node - the more you have, the better. Defeat enemy nodes and produce more bacteria to further your control. Link nodes for a combined attack, or use single nodes to spread across the map.

Phage Wars 2 Walkthrough

Phage Wars 2 is an interesting retro strategy game. It starts out on an old desktop PC, and from there, you'll have to control your own experiments. At least that's how the game puts it - once you start an experiment through the home screen, you'll finally start playing the game. The main objective of this cellular gameplay is to completely control every node on the board.

To do so, you'll have to click on and connect the nodes you control, and send your bacteria to neutral or occupied nodes. Occupied nodes are harder to take over, but once you've got more nodes under control, you'll spawn more and more bacteria. From there you can expand your control, and try to overrun your enemy.

But as the levels go on, enemy bacteria becomes faster and much more clever. You'll have to act fast - and think twice as quick - if you want to win at this strategy game. Unlike other strategy games, Phage Wars 2 is very difficult right from the start. But once you really understand the gameplay, it's not terribly difficult.

If you can successfully circumvent the enemy in this strategy game, you'll be able to go on and compete in harder experiments. Phage Wars 2 is great for veterans of flash gaming, so if you're not the best gamer out there, it may take some time before you can complete even one level. Though in the home menu of the game, there is a link to the original Phage Wars - a slightly easier venture.