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Pest Beat Instructions

Point and click with you mouse to build plant-themed towers, upgrade them, and sell them as needed. Hit the next wave button to bring on the bugs, and upgrade your towers as the game goes on - otherwise, you won't make it.

Pest Beat Walkthrough

With ten different types of plant towers, Pest Beat is a great strategy game that every gamer should look into. And besides having a wide variety of towers, it also has seven different gameplay maps - so once you beat one level, it's on to the next. Even though the first few maps in Pest Beat aren't that difficult, they do get increasingly difficult.

Pest Beat is not only great as a tower defense game, but as a strategy game as well. Since you're given a lot of money at the start of any map, you'll be able to build almost any tower you want. What's better is that almost every tower in Pest Beat is overpowered. You're still trying to fight off hoards of insects and creepy crawlies, but they're no match for your plant towers - not even close.

As the waves go on, they'll become harder to get rid of and much more obstinate. But if you upgrade your towers accordingly, you'll have no problems. Like any other tower defense game, you can only let a few enemy creepers get into your base - only 20. If you let that many in, it's game over.

Another great feature in this strategy game is that you can call on the next wave whenever you like. So you can take your time while positioning and building towers, while you normally wouldn't be able to in any other tower defense game. Overall, the gameplay in Pest Beat is a little slower than most would like, but the difficulty is spot on for new gamers. To anyone looking to relax while squashing some bugs, Pest Beat is a great option.