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Penguin Diner Instructions

Penguin Diner is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to seat customers, take orders, deliver dishes, and collect money.

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Waiters in fine restaurants should always be well-dressed. Luckily for penguins, they have natural "tuxedos" and are thus naturally suited for the job. Penguin Diner is a tycoon game where you play the role of Penny, a penguin waitress. This business management game features excellent graphics and animation, three upgrade trees, and simple controls.

The goal of Penguin Diner is to reach or exceed the monetary quota of each day. To accomplish this goal, you must quickly seat customers, take their orders, and bring the correct food items to their tables once they are prepared. The faster you wait on your customers, the more money that you will make. If you take too long, customers will storm out and you will not get their business or tip. Your game is automatically saved at the end of each day, so you do not have to complete the entire game in one session.

The mouse is used to control Penguin Diner. Click on customers when they come through the door, then click on tables to seat them. When a customer is ready to order, they will wave. Click on them to take their order. You cannot speed thins up in the kitchen, so tend to other customers or wait until the dish appears. To serve customers, pick up dishes from the counter then click on the customers' table. Penny can carry two dishes at once. Once customers are finished eating, click on their tables to clear them and collect the tips.

Any extra money that is made in this tycoon game can be used to purchase upgrades. Skates increase Penny's movement speed, televisions increase the patience of customers, and seat cushions increase the amount that customers tip. I advise buying seat cushions first since they will help you to earn more money which can be used on other upgrades.

Penguin Diner may not have as many options as other business management games, but this simplicity may make it appealing to casual gamers or younger players. Order up a dish of fine entertainment in Penguin Diner!