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Papa's Pizzeria Instructions

Papa's Pizzeria is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Detailed instructions are given as you progress in the game.

Papa's Pizzeria Walkthrough

Papa's Pizzeria is the first of the Papa's series of tycoon games. This strategy game features cartoon graphics, thirty-six different customers, and fun-filled gameplay.

The objective of Papa's Pizzeria is to complete each of your customer's orders. Satisfying your customer by adding the proper toppings, cooking the pizza long enough, and cutting it correctly will result in higher tips and satisfied customers. Making the pizza incorrectly will result in fewer tips and dissatisfied customers. The customer is always right in this business simulation game.

Papa's Pizzeria features four stations: the waiting station, where customers' orders are taken, the topping station where pizzas are topped to the customers' orders, the baking station where pizzas are cooked, and the cutting station where pizzas are cut and finally delivered to customers. This tycoon game provides you with a tutorial to help you with your first customer. Be sure to pay close attention to this tutorial, since it will help you with learning the basics of this strategy game.

As you progress in Papa's Pizzeria, more customers will come into your restaurant. You will have to manage your time efficiently to wait on customers and get their orders out as fast as possible. The longer you make your customers wait, the lower your tips will be. Remember, that while one pizza is cooking, you can take a different customer's order, top other pizzas, or cut other pizzas. You may also cook up to four pizzas at once. If you decide to multitask between different stations, just be sure not to overcook your pizzas!

Papa's Pizzeria is a great start to the Papa's series of tycoon games and sets a precedent for future games of the series. Papa's Pizzeria lacks the upgrades of later games in the series, but some players may find that it makes the game simpler and more fun to play. Any way you slice it, Papa's Pizzeria is an excellent strategy game that will test your management skills!