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Papa's Pancakeria Instructions

Papa's Pancakeria is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface and complete orders by using the mouse.

Papa's Pancakeria Walkthrough

Papa's Pancakeria is the fifth game in the Papa Louie series of tycoon games. Papa's Pancakeria follows the same winning gameplay recipe as its predecessors but also introduces minigames to the series.

Like the previous Papa's tycoon games, the goal of Papa's Pancakeria is to keep your customers happy by completing their orders in a timely and accurate manner. Satisfied customers will become regulars and return to your store with more tips. On the other hand, dissatisfied customers will not tip well and may not return to your shop, decreasing your earnings. Remember, the customer is always right in this tycoon game!

Papa's Pancakeria uses the same general gameplay as its predecessors. There are three stations which you must attend to: the order station, grill station, and build station. These stations may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. Take customers orders at the order station and cook their order at the grill station. Toppings are added at the build station. Once you have mastered cooking in this tycoon game, you may want to keep a few pancakes on the grill to make the process of meeting your customers' orders go quicker. Only do this if you have the timing down to a science; customers hate burnt pancakes more than they do waiting!

As was the case in the previous Papa Louie tycoon games, you can purchase upgrades and decorations in Papa's Pancakeria. Upgrades help you to cook and top food more efficiently while decorations are useful to keep your customers happy while they wait. I advise using your money on upgrades rather than decorations in this business game due to the fact that decorations are easy to win in the new minigames. Upgrades and decorations are not absolutely necessary, but they make things much easier, especially later in the game when you will be dealing with numerous customers with high demands.

Papa's Pancakeria is a delicious tycoon game that follows the winning formula introduced by prior games of the series. Sticking to the tried-and-true means that Papa's Pancakeria is not the most original business game, but it is still a joy to play and fans of the series will be able to pick it up easily.