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Papa's Freezeria Instructions

Papa's Freezeria is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Detailed instructions are given as you progress in the game.

Papa's Freezeria Walkthrough

Papa's Freezeria is the fourth game in the Papa's series of tycoon games. This time, you are placed in charge of a frozen treat shop and must serve tourists trying to beat the heat on the island.

If you have played the previous Papa's tycoon games, such as Papa's Taco Mia, then there is not much that you will need to learn in Papa's Freezeria. This tycoon game features a tutorial that will help you in serving your first customer. Be sure to pay attention to this tutorial, since it will help you to learn the basics if you have not played any of the previous games in this series.

Your objective in Papa's Freezeria is to satisfy customers by taking their orders and completing them by adding the ingredients on the order ticket. Making orders to your customers' satisfaction will reward you with greater tips and repeat visits, but failing to meet your customers' standards will result in lesser tips and lost customers. Try to keep your customers happy and you will have more money to buy upgrades!

As was the case in Papa's Taco Mia, you will gain different types of toppings to customize orders as you progress in Papa's Freezeria. You will have to buy upgrades on your own dime, however. Upgrades bought in the upgrades shop increase customer satisfaction and your ability to properly create orders to please your customers. Items bought in the furniture shop can make your customers' waiting period more pleasant, increasing your order score. I advise you to save up for the auto ice cream dispenser in order to get the right amount of ice cream every time. This is an expensive item at $250, but it will eventually pay for itself.

In order to speed up your productivity and improve your score on the order section, it is good to check to see if any customers are waiting while other sundaes are blending. The sundaes still blend while you are working in other sections, so you can multitask in this tycoon game. You want to make sure that you do not overblend the sundaes though! Once you have bought the bell upgrade, this will be made much easier.

Papa's Freezeria is a delightful tycoon game. Don't be ashamed if you have a hankering for a frozen treat after playing this business game, because I know that I did!