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Papa's Burgeria Instructions

Papa's Burgeria is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Detailed instructions are given as you progress in the game.

Papa's Burgeria Walkthrough

Papa's Burgeria is the sequel to Papa's Pizzeria and the second game in the Papa's series of tycoon games. Papa Louie has run off again, and this time you must run his burger joint! Papa's Burgeria features the same cartoon graphics and style of gameplay as its predecessor, but also includes upgrades.

As was the case in Papa's Pizzeria, the objective of Papa's Burgeria is to satisfy customers by taking and fulfilling their orders. The better you satisfy your customer, the more money they will tip you in this tycoon game. Failure to satisfy customers will results in lesser tips. Try to keep your regulars satisfied in order to get good tips from your customer base!

Papa's Burgeria will guide you through serving your first customer with a tutorial. Be sure to pay attention to this tutorial, because it will help you to learn the basics of this business strategy game and tell you what to do at each of the three stations. The three stations in Papa's Burgeria are the order station, grill station, and the build station. Customers' orders are taken at the order station. Try to take customers' orders as fast as possible to improve your waiting score.

The second station in this restaurant game is the grilling station. This station is probably the most complex of the three. Here, you must cook hamburger patties to the specifications of each customer. To check on that status of a patty, simply hover your mouse over it. You will want to cook patties evenly, so flip them when they are half-way done by clicking on them. You may cook multiple patties at once and multitask by going to other stations while patties are cooking. As was the case in Papa's Pizzeria, multitasking can improve your score by reducing the wait of your customers, but you don't want to burn your patties!

The final station in Papa's Burgeria is the build station. From here, you will add condiments and toppings to the burgers. Neatness counts here, so try to make sure that each item is centered. When you are done, drag your customer's ticket to the tray to give the customer their order.

After each business day in this tycoon game, you will be able to buy upgrades which will help to improve your score. I advise buying posters to help improve your waiting score. These will be vital as more and more customers come to your restaurant. A bell might also help you by informing you when customers enter Papa's Burgeria.

Papa's Burgeria is an excellent strategy game and an improvement upon its predecessor. If you enjoyed Papa's Pizzeria, then you will love Papa's Burgeria!