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Pandemic 2 Instructions

The controls is Pandemic 2 is very identical to the first installment - nothing really fancy or finger twisting. You need to use your mouse for the most part though - a couple of clicks to check on the status of a city or a state, click here and there to tweak the lethality and strength of your disease, and couple of more clicks to drop the 'bomb' and those are just to name a few. Pandemic 2 is way better than the first installment though as you will see...

Pandemic 2 Walkthrough

Created and developed by Dark Realm Studios, Pandemic 2 serves as a sequel to the highly original and morbidly fun Pandemic. This time around though, the objective is different. If in Pandemic: American Swine Flu, the objective is to stop the spread of disease, this time you get a better package.

Now, you can play god or devil perhaps! Create the ultimate virus, bacteria, parasite whatever you want to call it that will kill last person breathing on the planet! YES folks, if you have been day dreaming of what it's like to be a mad biological scientist and what it's like to create the perfect bio-weapon, this game will give you the chance to realize your dreams!

Virus, bacteria, or parasite - in this strategy game, you are given the chance to create one of the three which will wreak havoc and chaos. Each of these disease causing micro organisms have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example: a virus can evolve really fast, infect really quick, BUT can be adversely affected by the environment. On the other hand, a parasite can hardly be adversely affected by its surroundings. The downside, though, is that it's really slow when it comes to infecting people.

And that brings us to the main traits of your disease: (1) Lethality - if your disease scores high in this department, it will easily and speedily kill victims. (2) Infectivity - this one represents how fast it can spread and how contagious it is. Can your disease be easily transmitted with rodents and insects? Is it waterborne or airborne? What about transmitting it through sneezing and coughing? (3) Last but not the least, we have visibility. You want to keep this down as much as possible. If your disease is way too visible, people will take notice and take actions to contain it.

What I find tricky is that many of the symptoms that help spread the disease like sneezing, coughing, etc. will make your disease too visible for world domination. Well, that's especially true if the victims are experiencing dementia, vomiting, depression, and more! Once that happens, you will be met with the nemesis of a respectable disease: closed borders, grounded airplanes, vaccines, and everything else in between. Damn! Being a mad scientist is tough!

Coming with a more wicked game play and story, Pandemic 2 is unlike your average strategy games! How do I dominate the world and bring it to its knees without using explosives and weapons of mass destruction? If you think you know the answer, play Pandemic 2!