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Oiligarchy Instructions

The controls of Oiligarchy are not that complicated as with most strategy games out there. You just need to use your mouse for almost everything: for exploring portions of a land, for planting small or normal sized oil wells, for deploying mercenaries to your defense, and everything else in between. Let's take a closer look at this game...

Oiligarchy Walkthrough

Here's the scenario in one of the more controversial and political strategy games around: you are the CEO of a major and international oil company. Your job is pretty straight forward: you need to make money out of that black and sticky thing called oil no matter what it takes. Get the whole population addicted to oil, hold back supplies to fake shortage (which increases its prices), and everything else in between.

YES, you need to do everything. From exploring lands, drilling down and building wells, corrupting the government and 'oiling' representatives and even the president, hiring mercenaries, fixing elections, engaging in operations that the citizens shouldn't know about and those are just to name a few.

At first, the game play seems too complex for a free and browser based flash game. HOWEVER, after playing for a couple of minutes, it actually does an excellent job of taking a broad topic - that of world domination through manipulating oil supply and demand, and simplifying it. You will click around different spots on the world map (located on the lower left side of the screen) and you can move between different locations: Texas, Alaska, Washington DC, Iraq (which is unavailable initially), Nigeria, Valenzuela.

The top section - the Action tab to be precise, shows you the things you can do and buy such as sending exploration vehicles, planting wells of small and normal sizes, exploring seas, sending mercenaries for defense, demolishing structure, and those are just some of the actions available at your disposal.

Tips And Tricks: When elections roll around, do NOT forget to participate. Give both money to the horses by moving your mouse in front of them and throwing some money along the way. HOWEVER, make sure you bet more or give more to the more popular party. This makes sure that the pro oil laws get passed and you get special treatment for your oil extraction operations.

Pro oil laws allows you to amass more money by raising oil addiction, reducing your taxes, and giving you more royalties. And here's what: you can even get the president coated with oil. This allows you to get covert operations like distrupting Iraq's economy, raising a coup in Venezuela, etc. going... operations that are done in the name of getting more money out of oil.

To sum things up, to be successful in Oiligarchy, you need to play it like a REAL oligarch. Keep the governments of the world, especially those with a lot of oil, either bought or subdued. You can expect the money to roll in year after year after year!