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NTCreature Instructions

Use the WASD keys to control your character: the up arrow to jump up, the down arrow to jump down, and the S and D keys to move left and right. Click the left mouse button to attack, press the E key eat when you need to, and the F key to skin.

NTCreature Walkthrough

For anyone who likes a strategy game with towers, dragons, and upgrades, this is the game for you. NTCreature combines tower defense with single player madness - so you won't rely on just one. For instance, you'll pick a race at the start of the game, and control a creature once the game starts. Your creature is immensely strong, but each round encompasses a horde of enemies flooding into your base.

The object of the game doesn't focus on defeating enemies; it mainly involves defending your own base. Your base has a set amount of hit points, and when they run out, it's a game over. There's two ways to defeat the invading enemies in NTCreature: you can eat them, and gain evolution points, or you can hit them and earn money. With money, you can purchase stat upgrades for your creature. These can range from increasing your attack to increasing your speed, so they're important.

But evolution points, on the other hand, are much more important. When you eat enough invaders, you'll be able to upgrade your creature according to the evolution tree. Depending on which path you take, you can either get a strong aerial creature, or a powerful ground creature.

Either way, you'll have fun with NTCreature. As long as you build and upgrade towers - while upgrading the stats of your creature - you'll be able to make it past any round. Be sure to cut off enemy invaders before they make it to your base - otherwise, you'll have to restart this strategy game all over from the beginning.