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Now Boarding: Episode 1 Instructions

Now Boarding: Episode 1 is controlled by using the mouse.

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Now Boarding: Episode 1 is the first actual episode of the Now Boarding series of airline tycoon games (Now Boarding: First Class was the first game of the series that was released and the prequel to this game). This business management game features a lovable cast of characters, cartoon graphics, and an upbeat soundtrack.

Now Boarding: Episode 1 puts you in control of a regional airline. Only one region, the Southwest United States, is available in this tycoon game, but that doesn't mean that there is no replay value! There are three modes of gameplay: Career, Free Play, and Survival (we'll get into these later), each with their own challenges!

Career Mode is the primary mode of gameplay in Now Boarding: Episode 1. In this gameplay mode, you must accomplish designated goals during each month while keeping your customers satisfied. Goals include delivering a certain number of challenges, building extensions to the airport terminal, or adding new routes to your airline's services. The game is won when all goals have been met. Three dissatisfied customers will result in failure. Your game is saved after each month, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play this management game. The normal difficulty of Free Play mode is similar to Career Mode, but is more laid back and not scored.

The challenge difficulty level of Free Play Mode has no goals, but still provides a challenging gameplay experience and is scored. You can play as long as you want, regardless of the satisfaction level of your customers. Each year will become harder and harder as you progress.

Survival mode of this tycoon game is the most challenging. There are no breaks in gameplay, and you must continuously deliver passengers. Try to deliver as many passengers as you can before too many freak out and the game ends!

Time is the most important resource in Now Boarding: Episode 1. If you wait too long to deliver passengers, they will lose their temper and your rating will slip. Adding plants and entertainment to the terminal will help to keep passengers calm, but you will have to get them off to their destinations eventually. Try to drop passengers off in the order of their arrival to maximize customer satisfaction. Don't forget to pick up passengers from other airports!

If you ever wanted to run your own airline, but were offset by the rising cost of petroleum, then Now Boarding: Episode 1 is a tycoon game where you can play out your dream. The sky is the limit in this addictive business game!