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New World Instructions

New World is controlled by keyboard an the mouse. The WASD keys or arrow keys are used to move. The Z key (or the left mouse button) is used to attack and the X key performs actions. Press the H key to view additional controls. The escape key pauses the game.

New World Walkthrough

New World is a hybrid of shooting game, farming game, and strategy game sponsored by Armor Games. This strategy game features sprite graphics, catchy background music, four worlds, and two modes of gameplay.

The two modes of New World are Simulation and Survival. The objective of Simulation Mode, the primary mode of this strategy game, is to complete objectives given in the lower-left corner of the screen. Completing objectives fill the objectives bar. Once the bar is full, you will be able to advance to the next world. The goal of Survival Mode is to survive for as many days as possible. Your progress is saved locally, meaning that you will have to play from the same computer to continue your game. If you have an Armor Games account, then you will also be able to save your game online, allowing you to continue your game on any computer!

Daytime is safe on your New World, so you can farm plants and raise animals during this time. It is a good idea to check the conditions that are necessary for certain plants and animals to grow. Each sector of your planet has a fertility level and temperature. These properties can be changed by raising or lowering the sector using the up or down arrow keys while standing on the sector. It is a good idea to raise and lower sectors at the beginning of the game to give your planet a diversity of climates. Make sure that you have enough plants for your animals to eat, but do not over-plant in one sector, since it will reduce the fertility of a region.

Daytime may be safe, but the freaks come out at night! Every night, zombies and other monsters will emerge from the ground and wreak havoc on your world. If you have evolved your animals, some of them may be able to help you to fend of the monsters, but you will be doing the bulk of the fighting in this strategy game. Various weapons are available to be bought in the shop, and you will always be able to wield your trusted axe (by pressing the 1 key). By careful when swinging your axe, though, because you may end up accidentally cutting down one of your trees!

With only four worlds in its standard mode (Simulation Mode), New World is a relatively short strategy game. This does not take away from its entertainment value, however, and gamers that finish the primary game can try to hold out for as long as possible in Survival Mode!