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Necropolis Defense Instructions

Necropolis Defense is controlled by using the mouse. Click on units or click and drag around multiple units to select them. Click on empty areas to order units to move, or click on enemy units to order your selected units to attack. Keyboard hotkeys are also available. The number keys 1-4 are used to cast spells, the A key selects all units, the R key deselects all units, and the spacebar pauses the game. More keyboard shortcuts will be discovered as you play the game.

Necropolis Defense Walkthrough

Most games featuring zombies and other undead creatures place them as the antagonists that you must fight against. That is not the case in Necropolis Defense, a blend of defense game and real-time strategy game that puts you in command of an army of undead soldiers. This strategy game features detailed graphics, epic music, and four modes of gameplay.

The four gameplay modes available in Necropolis Defense are Campaign, Skirmish, Challenge, and Sandbox. Campaign Mode is the primary mode of this strategy game, and the one that we will discuss most in this article. Your objective in Campaign Mode is to defend your castle for twenty-two days. As you progress, you will unlock upgrades and additional units. Your progress is saved in this mode, so you will be able to continue the next time that you play. Skirmish Mode is a quick game where you must defend your castle against enemies for six minutes. Challenge Mode contains three challenging scenarios for elite players only. Finally, Sandbox Mode allows players to customize various aspects of the game such as enemy armies and recharge rates as well as play with cheats enabled.

If you are familiar with the standard controls of RTS games such as Command and Conquer or StarCraft, then controlling Necropolis Defense should not be too difficult for you. Click on units to select them, or click and drag a box to select multiple units. With units selected, you can click on an empty area of land to order your units to move there, or click on enemies to order them to attack. If the action gets too hot, you can press the spacebar to pause the game. You can still order units or cast spells with the game paused (similar to the Total War series of strategy games), but the actions will not be carried out until you unpause the game.

Necropolis Defense uses an upgrade system similar to that of a role-playing game. Killing enemies earns experience. When enough experience is gained, you will level up and earn skill points which can be used to unlock spells and units or used to upgrade spells and units that you have already unlocked. I advise you to upgrade your units and unlock new troop types first, since your units will be doing most of the fighting while spells will mostly be used as backup and support.

If you are tired of playing as a goody-goody and want to know what it's like to command the undead legions, then Necropolis Defense is just the strategy game for you. Defend your castle and establish your reign as lord of the undead in this ghoulishly exciting defense game!