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Necronator Instructions

One of the MORE evil strategy games where you need to summon and manage undead forces in your effort to control the whole world by killing every human in sight, Necronator comes with 2 control schemes, BUT none of them are complicated. You can use your mouse - click to spawn forces, click to buy upgrades, click to kill that human who has strayed into your territory, etc. On the other hand, you can also use your keyboard - the W, A, S, and D or arrow keys to move around the map. Hit the CTRL button to show health. Hit the Z button to select all of your units. Press X to attack, C to halt, and that's about it!

Necronator Walkthrough

Want strategy games where being bad... or better yet being evil is the main objective? Yeah? Well, you are in for a treat! In Necronator, you are tasked with raising a HUGE horde of undead warriors and monsters... keeping an eye on one goal: to overcome and conquer human kingdom.

Serving as the unseen overlord, which is often the case in strategy games, you summon monsters through a portal that has spawned near a local town. Mana - this is your main currency in the game and you need lots of it to raise an army. Once you have done so, you need to storm the local town and wreck havoc and chaos: butcher peasants, kill the guards that get in the way, tear down the buildings, and everything else in between. The hands on action gives you excellent satisfaction! It's not like Infectonator where you can only hope for the best after working hard behind the scenes. Necronator is one of the proper strategy games out there.

By the way, you have different monsters at your disposal. Skeletons, orcs, zombies - these are just some of the destructive and scary units you can use for your evil goals. As you progress, you unlock a couple of more units. Being the evil and powerful overlord, you have different spells at your disposal... spells that can unleash MORE devastation than one can imagine and this becomes really crucial later on in the game.

The monsters and spells, by the way, can be upgraded along with your mana pool (how fast it recharges, the strength of your spawning portal). Beefing up your spawning portal is essential. If it gets destroyed, you can no longer spawn more monsters into the map and it won't take long before you are overrun by the angry locals. You can also buy additional spells as well as different units once unlocked.

Keeping your bottom line... your pocket healthy is crucial. Good thing this is not as difficult. You keep the cash flowing by attacking villages. Even if an attack fails, you still keep the cash and you can invest it - making a larger and more lethal undead army.

By the way, investing in your unit upgrades is very essential. As the game rolls out, more dangerous guards are pitted against your army not to mention you will also encounter the odd hero who can cause a lot of devastation. You better be ready when they hit back at you.