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Monster Corp Instructions

Monster Corp is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to select actions, place monsters, and buy items. Click and drag or use the WASD keys to scroll the screen.

Monster Corp Walkthrough

Monster Corp is a tycoon game that puts you in the role of a monster museum curator. Monster Corp features anime-inspired sprite graphics, a wide variety of monsters, and thirty-five achievements.

The goal of Monster Corp is to make money by attracting customers to your zoo. You may also wish to accomplish monthly missions for extra money, but you do not necessarily have to in order to succeed in this tycoon game. Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each month. To continue your game, simply click the continue button on the main menu. If you start a new game, your previous game's data will be lost, so be careful!

Monster Corp is controlled by using the mouse. A tutorial is provided the first time that you play this management game. The first thing that you will want to do is create monsters in the lab. With the proper DNA and items, monsters can be generated. Once monsters have been bred in the lab, you can place them in stalls in your zoo. You can feed or clean monsters by clicking on their stalls, then clicking on the appropriate button. I advise hiring cleaners to take care of this job automatically.

As should be expected in a business game, money is the most important asset in Monster Corp. Not only is money part of the formula of success (the other part being popularity of your museum), but it is required to buy DNA to generate monsters as well as food and staff members to keep your zoo running. At the beginning of this tycoon game, you should keep ticket prices low to attract more customers and gain popularity. Once your popularity has risen into the twenties, you can raise your price and make more profits. Don't raise your prices too much, however, or you will disappoint customers and your popularity will wane.

Monster Corp is a cute and addictive business management game with a plethora of different monsters. In Pokemon you had to catch them all, but in this tycoon game, you have to exhibit them all!