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Million Dollar Tower Defense Instructions

Build your defenses, upgrade them when you can, and defeat as many enemies as you can in this strategy game. Try different tower combinations if you're having trouble, and try to save your hard earned cash for stronger towers, whenever possible.

Million Dollar Tower Defense Walkthrough

Million Dollar Tower Defense is an entertaining tower defense game for any and all gamers. If you've never played a strategy game before, this is a great one to start out with. There are tons of different towers to build, lots of achievements to unlock, and too many enemies to keep track of. Not only can you upgrade existing towers and purchase super weapons, but also you can purchase research for tower types. This means you can specialize in a certain tower every time you play - and making each gaming experience unique.

Right from the beginning, Million Dollar Tower Defense starts out easy enough, at least for a strategy game. There's a tutorial mode that will show you everything you need to know, before any waves come running, and the world map is absolutely huge - so there's no shortage of levels to play through. You'll be given lots of money to start out with, but Million Dollar Tower Defense requires lots of towers - especially if you want to survive the final waves of any mission.

And as the missions go on, you'll be able to fare better and better, with certain upgrades and unlock achievements, but the enemies will also become stronger. This progressive difficulty is great for any gamer who likes a challenge, but the difficulty - combine with a huge list of tower choices - may overwhelm those new to the genre.

Although the main premise behind Million Dollar Tower Defense is a gimmick, it's a fun computer-themed strategy game. It's great for anyone looking to waste some time, and if you're looking for a real challenge just try to complete all the levels this game offers. Needless to say, it'll take you more than a little while.