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Mastermind: World Conqueror Instructions

The controls for playing Mastermind is very easy - you will only use your mouse all the time. Too easy it seems especially when your goal is to destroy the whole world and bring it to its knees. HOWEVER, the planning and defense, which is where you will spend most of your time, takes MORE than knowing how to click! Let's check out one of the darker and MORE exciting strategy games out in the internet...

Mastermind: World Conqueror Walkthrough

Mastermind: World Conqueror is an immersive strategy game where you get to play the bad guy. This is one of those games where you get good in game instructions and tutorials, so let's save space and keep for stuff that matters more. OK, destroy the earth - that's the whole idea and here are some tips and tricks that would make it easier...

Steal Science: Getting money from banks, gasoline stations, gold deposits, national treasury - they're all good and helps you fund your evil plans. Building businesses - good too as they help keep that flow of cash up and running. When someone is trying to catch you, or a journalist just published an article against you, or you just want to get rid of someone, kidnap them... or better yet, kill them!

This is one of the strategy games where you have truckloads of mission options...HOWEVER, the most important of them all are the Steal Science Missions. They allow you to research weapons, create bombs to blow up cities, and ultimately, to unlock Operation Genesis which will destroy earth half the time it needed to be created!

Destroy earth and you gain victory. Keep that in mind!

Patsies And Henchmen - When your notoriety level is way beyond repair, completing missions get infinitely harder than usual. What to do? Simple! Hire the suitable patsies. Some of them help you increase success in steal cash missions, other reduce the costs needed for dispatching and salvaging a rival criminal, while others give you increased chances of success in whatever mission you engage in (that bald lesbian in the Patsies section is a perfect example).

Now, when your notoriety level is high, more and more armed forces are sent your way to destroy you. What to do? Grab a henchman. The Mexican is an excellent henchman to start to dispatch no matter who is on his way. YES, not even that buff super hero would last long against him.

LAST TIP: NEVER ever let your guard down. Once you have evacuated to the moon, which is essential to keep their attacks at bay, and once you have initiated project Genesis, you may be tempted to let your guard down and maybe grab a cigarette as you wait for earth's destruction.

DON'T! The good guys will send more forces...twice or three times more. Super heroes, secret agents, special ops, commandos, and everything else in between. So here's my advice: let that countdown do its job on the background while you micro your army...your minions to fend the attackers off. Once the mission is done, everything will come to a stop, and there is a cutscene showing earth's destruction.

How does it look like? It's up for you to find out!