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Do you know how to use your mouse? It would be a shame if you don't (we're at 2011 brother). Well, as long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. Just like other strategy games out there, Lemonade World is very straightforward and easy to play. Played entirely with the mouse, you can get rolling right at this very minute... BUT of course, I'm sure you know want to know more about it so read on!

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Lemonade stands and childhood. Ahhh, who would forget those grand lemonade stand and money-making plans we made at the back of our heads back when we're just kids? Everything is in place. BUT just when we are about to roll out with our plan, our 'ever-caring and protective' parents got in the way... telling us that it's too tedious and we're better off doing something else.

Yeah it sure sucks, BUT don't worry! We can make up for the lost opportunity with this flash-based strategy game - Lemonade World. The game play is very straightforward: build and manage a lemonade stand in the virtual world and make as much money as you can within 30 days. You get to buy lemon; collect ice and mix them together; advertise your lemonade stand... basically, you get to do everything you wanted to do back then BUT didn't.

As I have mentioned earlier, Lemonade World is a virtual world, one that you own from top to bottom. This world is divided into four sections: (1) The first one has your actual lemonade stand and takes up a quarter. (2) The second quarter, on the other hand, is where you buy important supplies and advertise or promote your business. (3) As for the third quarter, this is where you keep your lemon trees, and you better take good care of them as the lemons they produce serve as the fuel of your business. (4) And last BUT not the least, we have a HUGE ice berg where you get your ice cubes from. It's within these 4 IMPORTANT quarters that the game of Lemonade World revolves. You may find it a little confusing at first. BUT within five minutes of playing the game, you should be jumping from one quarter to another with no hiccups.

As for making your lemonades, there are 3 ingredients that must be mixed together - lemons, ice, as well as sugar. The lemons are taken from the lemon trees you have; the ice cubes, as I have mentioned, are gathered from your ice berg; and as for the sugar, they are bought with the cups. It only costs 50 cents for 10 of them so it's affordable.

There are other in-game elements you should pay attention to when playing Lemonade World. One of them is the thermometer, which is located under the basket icon on the banner at the top of the game screen. The thermometer tells you the temperature for the day, and you need to adjust your recipe according to the weather. YES, this isn't one of those lemonade-strategy games where there's a magic recipe that will attract customers like honey to bees. To get rolling with the recipe adjustment, just click on your stand and take it from there.

As for the price of your lemonade, you can also change it depending on the situation. As for cooler days, I would recommend that you leave the price anywhere between 35 to 50 cents. HOWEVER, when you get to the point where everyone who walks by buys your lemonade, increase the price by 5 cents. If they still flock in, stretch it a bit with another 5-cent increase, rinse and repeat. Yeah, a basic knowledge of 'supply and demand' will go a LONG way in this game.

Alright, this game seems like it goes on forever, BUT don't worry, it's NOT. As I've mentioned earlier, you only have 30 days at your disposal. And let me remind you, each day passes really quickly. The overall objective of the game is to earn AT LEAST 1000 bucks in profits. You can spend as much as you want on your supplies, sugar, lemonade, advertisements, etc. As long as the profits you have made per day snowball into $1000, you are all good. Now there's no need to grab a calculator and add up your daily profit manually. There's a bar in the game that shows you how close or how far you are from the $1000-mark. It will automatically do the 'math' for you so don't sweat it.

When I started the game, I was quite excited with the prospect of making $1000 in 30 days... even if it's just virtual money. HOWEVER, even if the 30 days are quite quick to pass, the game sort of reached a boring point. I mean you will do the same thing over and over again - you have to sell cups filled with lemonade; buy more of them; check the temperature for the day; rinse and repeat the process until you have reached the day's end. HOWEVER, I really like the ice-collecting part. Think about it, it's not every day that you can go to an ice berg to grab ice cubes!

The good thing, HOWEVER, is that you don't need to be in front of the computer screen all the time when playing Lemonade world. After doing the necessities - watering your trees, buying ingredients, adjusting your price and recipe, etc., you can leave the screen and do something MORE productive. You can do your homework; chat with friends on Facebook; or if you are darn serious about making tons of money through lemonade, you can sell lemonade in real life, too! Just don't forget to check back after a couple of seconds to make sure you are selling your cool beverage at a price that customers are happy to pay for.