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Last Command Instructions

Defend your country and comrades from an alien invasion. Point and click with your mouse to shoot at aliens, and press spacebar when you're low on ammo. As you destroy enemy aliens, grab extra cash with your cursor, and hire new soldiers with the money you've earned.

Last Command Walkthrough

Last Command is an excellent strategy game with comical moments and epic fights. When you first play, it's made clear that you control the last resistance to an invading alien force in the U.S. The only problem is that your force is a little weak. Well, it's pretty much pathetic. You'll start Last Command with one soldier, and by point and clicking, you'll have to take out alien invaders one by one.

As long as you reload (with the spacebar) the aliens aren't any problem. But that's just the first wave of enemies - and the first level in this game contains twenty-five waves. With five levels total, there's a lot to play through in Last Command. You'll gain gold (and extra ammo) as you annihilate the enemy aliens - you can stockpile this gold to hire new troops. When you have new soldiers alongside your original trooper, they'll automatically shoot when you do. The more money you have, the more soldiers you'll be able to hire.

But you have to pay for ammo each time you reload - and if your soldiers are losing money on ammo, you'll have to cut your forces down. As the levels go on, as well as the waves of enemies, you'll encounter newer, tougher alien invaders. As long as you can adapt to these new enemies, you won't have any trouble beating Last Command.

Like any other strategy game, though, you'll have to really know the genre well to beat this game. With tricky levels, awesome upgrades, and lots of enemies to destroy, Last Command will keep you busy for a while. The graphics are sharp, and the animation is great as well - all in all, any fan of the strategy game genre will love Last Command.