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Knightmare Tower Instructions

Knightmare Tower is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Click the left mouse button or press the down arrow key to launch. While airborne, move your mouse to control the knight and click the left mouse button to dash. Alternatively, you can use the left and right arrow keys to move and the up arrow key to dash.

Knightmare Tower Walkthrough

Knightmare Tower is an upgrade game developed by Juicy Beast, the maker of the Burrito Bison series. This launcher game features splendid graphics, epic background music, numerous quests to complete, and of course, lots and lots of upgrades!

In Knightmare Tower, your mission is to scale the tower, rescue the ten princesses, and defeated the evil boss once and for all! In order to complete these tasks, you will have to blast off and slash enemies. Each time that you slash an enemy, you will accelerate upwards. Be careful, because once you have reached a certain height, your enemies will fight back, reducing your lives as indicated in the upper-left corner of the screen. If you lose all of your lives or if you fall into the lava that rises from the bottom of the tower, your attempt will end.

Luckily, your knight is a persistent fellow, and will get back up, dust himself off, and prepare to slay more beasts and save the damsels! You can help him in his quest by purchasing upgrades. Just about all of the upgrades are useful in this launcher game, so I advise you to buy them all once you acquire the funds to do so. For starters, however, it is advisable to upgrade your boots so that you can move and attack faster. Swords and armor should be your next purchases, since they will make you more dangerous to enemies and more resilient to their attacks. Since your data is saved in this launcher game, all of the items that you bought will be waiting for you the next time that you play.

Knightmare Tower can be controlled by either the keyboard or the mouse. If you elect to use the keyboard, the down arrow key is used to launch your knight, the left and right arrow keys move your knight, and the up arrow key performs a dash attack. When using the mouse, your knight will follow your mouse cursor. Click the left mouse button to launch your knight and to perform dash attacks. Personally, I prefer to use the keyboard to control this launcher game since it offers more precision, but casual gamers may find the mouse to be easier to use.

Knightmare Tower is everything that an upgrade game should be: easy to pick up, challenging, and addictive! If you liked Burrito Bison, you are going to love Knightmare Tower!